‘Animal Rescue’ says Thank You to Brooklyn with Ice Cream

The upcoming movie Animal Rescue spent more than three weeks filming on location at Flatlands Ave & Kimball St, Brooklyn which gave fans plenty of time to meet star Tom Hardy, but it also meant some serious inconveniences for locals.

As a thank you to the residents who put up with their trucks, noise, and legions of waiting fans, the production treated the neighborhood to ice cream.

On Friday the above sign went up offering locals a free “ice cream treat” from Coolhaus as a thank you for their patience during filming.

It seems everyone working on Animal Rescue is as generous as the movie’s star!

Thanks to ‏@vota8619 for the head’s up!


  1. We should be saying a big thank you to Mr. Hardy for taking the time to meet with so many fans. This was really nice of them.

  2. Got word that its filming in dumbo now. I will try to get there friday to see if I can get more info if he is there or not. Does anyone know if the movie is filming early morning or later in the day


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