Check out Paul Walker filming ‘Brick Mansions’ in Montreal today

This week Paul Walker began filming Brick Mansions, the American remake of the Paris-set Banlieue 13, on location in Montreal.

Walker stars in the movie, along with David Belle who starred in the original, which is being directed by Camille Delamarre. Walker plays an undercover detective “chasing a weapon of mass destruction that was stolen by a drug dealer in the ghetto known as Brick Mansions. He seeks help from the incredibly agile Lino (Belle), who knows Brick Mansions better than anyone and is the only person not cowed by the drug dealers.”

Yesterday, one of our Twitter followers, @misterjchan, met Walker, along with his co-tar Gouchy Boy at St Laurent and Sherbrooke in Montreal, where they are filming again today from 7 am-7 pm.

If you spot Brick Mansions filming in Montreal, let us know about it at!

Thanks to @Meelyssaa for the additional info, too!



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