‘This Is Where I Leave You’, starring Tina Fey & Jason Bateman, begins filming in NYC

Shawn Levy’s star-studded film This Is Where I Leave You begins filming in New York today.

The movie, based on the 2009 novel by Jonathan Tropper, stars Jason Bateman, along with Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Rose Byrne, Connie Britton, Abigail Spencer, Ben Schwartz, Timothy Olyphant, Connie Britton, Ari Graynor, Corey Stoll, Kathryn Hahn, and Adam Driver.

Where I Leave You revolves around four combative siblings who reunite at their childhood home for a week after their father dies.

The Warner Bros. film begins shooting today at the Oakland Cemetery, 2 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY.

If you spot Where I Leave You filming in or around New York City this spring, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Photo/Source: EW, THR, (thanks to) Jackie


  1. I hesitate to say this because no one should bother these people (there are always 2 guards outside the house anyway) but there’s a huge scene at a house on the north shore of Long Island where I live. We have a few location people who live nearby. This house is used for interior shots, 1/2 mile from where some interior shots and the period bus on the street for “The Good Shepard” with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon years ago. If you really want to see this look for yellow “TIWIL signs but something tells me not to say the name of this tony suburb near 25-A. It’s peaceful, quiet, and I’ll feel guilty if do. When Angelina J. was filming here there was a respectful, grateful small crowd gathered one the last night in the street and she signed her autograph on a thrilled kid’s arm.

    • thanks, this is the house on Burnham Pl, right? We’ve had a few reports about it and I saw it listed in the local paper too so no worries about being the one to break the news 🙂 thanks for the head’s up!

      • Thanks for your nice reply. I read somewhere that film makers like the NYC area–we’re not star struck and tend to not bother people, security & permits are getting easier than in the past. Nice to see a movie set in NY be filmed in NY (as opposed to Canada). In the WSJ I read of a film set where the neighbor’s gardener came over sporting a noisy chain saw, saying “pay me $100 and I’ll stop”.

        • The chain saw-wielding gardener threatening to ruin that day’s shoot was, needless to say, in the Los Angeles area where there are more ways to make money in “the business” as they like to call it than I’d ever imagined…
          Any other interesting anecdotes out there?

  2. While walking on the Northshore today I saw this filming and actually took a walk through the house when filming was done and saw it was a beautiful house and area on the north shore – it was really amazing to actually see the pictures of the families on the staircase of Jane Fonda and Tina Fay and everyone else to make it really look like the family grew up there. I cant wait to see the movie but will read the book in the meantime. I grew up on long Island and and love when films are filmed either in the Hamptons or on the Gold Coast!

  3. I hear they’re only filming there until later this week. I believe only until 6/12 but wondering if the weather affected their plans…?

  4. Spotted filming today at Newbridge ice rink in bellmore ny. They have been here for a few days now and should be done by saturday. Are they looking for extras?

  5. They are in Bellmore, NY right now. Off Merrick Rd on Newbridge Road. Jason Bateman shooting scenes. I was about 25 feet from him!


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