In Photos: Matt Smith & Ryan Gosling film ‘How To Catch A Monster’ in Detroit

As we reported earlier today, Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith were back on location in Detroit, MI today to film scenes for Ryan’s directorial debut, How To Catch A Monster.

As you can see in these photos the scene involved (a shirtless) Matt talking (or singing?) into a microphone while sitting in a recliner, then standing, in the back of a convertible.

You can also see Ryan sitting in the front of the car and it looks like he’s having a good time, he appears to be laughing through the entire shoot!

Thanks to @Bananadoc for sharing this amazing pics, including the one below of a young Doctor Who fan meeting Matt for the first time! If you spot How To Catch A Monster filming in Detroit (on Tuesday they will be filming at Cass Ave and Charlotte St) send us your scoop and pics at!


  1. I am here with my daughter outside where they are filming and we have been here just to get a look Matt Smith. And she’s a big Dr. Who fan and what a jerk security guard came out and treated us like shit. It’s not like there are a 100 peple here just 4 and she can’t even ne treated nicely!!!

  2. Does anyone know if Matt Smith will be filming in Detroit tomorrow. I’ve been checking the internet and can’t find anything recent. I want to take my daughter down there again and try to get a peek of Matt Smith with her. Any help would be awesome :O)


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