‘How To Catch A Monster’ filming locations in Detroit on May 17, 20, & 21 in Detroit, Plus more fan photos!

Ryan Gosling will be filming more scenes for his directorial debut, How To Catch A Monster, at the Masonic Temple in Detroit tonight (5/17), Monday (5/20), and Tuesday (5/21).

According to casting calls, (spoilers ahead) the club scenes will include “blood sprayed from the stage into the crowd” and is one of the biggest scenes in the film.

Below are a few more photos from Tuesday’s preschool shoot with Christina Hendricks and the driving scene Ryan did with Matt Smith on Monday, including a couple of photos one of our Twitter followers, @tommycarl, took with Matt and Ryan!

If you have any scoop about where How To Catch A Monster is filming in Detroit or have photos to share, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. Any word on where they are filming? I know that they have a staging area at the Masonic Temple but is there any other locations near there that they will be. I am taking my daughter there as she is a big Dr. Who fan. Any help would be awesome

    • Haven’t heard anything else. 🙁 I’m going to attempt to make my way over there tomorrow in the hopes they are around. I have an exam in a few hours and have been melting my brain all day to prep. heh

  2. Any news about Matt Smith being in Detroit on the 21st???? My daughter and I will be there in the afternoon lurking around.

    • they are def. filming today, after 2:30 according to casting call facebook page so I’m sure he’s still in Detroit

  3. Any idea on where the are filming??? I am at the Masonic Temple now and I know that is like there base. Just hard to try and met Matt when and if he is inside.

  4. i need help !!!I have a nine year old and a 12year old that love THE DOCTOR (Matt smith) i need to find him filming at a different location ,not the Masonic Temple it is impossible to get to see him there .Does anyone know of other location they will film at and how long are they here????

    • I haven’t seen anything additional on when or where. I’m guessing the best bet is to park my ass near the international terminal at Metro and catch him as he’s leaving. 🙁

  5. Thursday May23… anyone know if Matt is still filming in Detroit somewhere today and tomorrow? I work in downtown Detroit. My team leader (she rocks!) said I can leave work anytime if I know where Matt is!

  6. I was only able to see the parking areas. they were shooting inside. i heard they are here until june 21st

  7. I was told three more weeks….my suggestion is check on Watson Street in the Cass corridor. There is house there that I heard they may be filming at. Filming in the Masonic Temple was until the 21st but I think that parking lotbis like their base of operation. Just drive around the area and be careful.Good luck I will be down there tomorrow 🙂

  8. We were down there Monday night. Didnt see any filming, but we felt like we were in a Zombiepocalypse. Be careful down there!

  9. Hello They are shooting by the DIA, a few streets over. We start production on the new comedy, SENIORS:TheMovie, 35mm feature with a list talent, including Jon Lovitz, Tony Rock, Jasen Mewes, Amiee Conn, Paul Cruz, Kristen Wig, Willam Rey Johnson, Phil Haney and even Pauley Shore just for starters. New music by SPONGE! They are doing casting Saturday from 10 am till 245pm in TROY,MI on Big Beaver/16 mile @ Summerset Inn. Must dress professional for all roles. Need Asian types, SWAT/FBI types, and business people. NO KIDS!!! Some speaking roles for featured extras. Call 818-669-5834 for all Detroit Casting and production info. Investment windows are still open for the next 30 days for all productions.

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