‘Robocop’ wraps re-shoots in Vancouver

The RoboCop reboot, which was filmed in Toronto, ON last year, spent a week filming re-shoots earlier this month – in Vancouver, BC.

Though the exact reason for filming the scenes in Vancouver over Toronto is unknown, it is thought it was done to accommodate star Joel Kinnaman, who is currently filming the AMC series The Killing in Vancouver.

Above is a photo of Joel in the RoboCop uniform at Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver on May 12.

Spoilers ahead:

In this particular scene, RoboCop arrives at Omnicorp Headquarters and is told, “This is Private Property, you are not authorized to be here.” Undeterred, Robocop shoots a guard and drives up to the door after the rest of the guards all lay down their weapons and run away.

RoboCop is expected to hit theaters on February 7, 2014.

Photo courtesy of @Canadagraphs


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