First look at ‘White Collar’ filming their fifth season in New York City

Last week we got a sure sign that summer is upon us as the cast of White Collar returned to the streets of New York City!

Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, @lisakadlec, we have a few photos of Matt, Tim, and Willie filming on location in Manhattan and, as you can see from the mystery cart they are pushing down the street, it looks like they planning another one of their famous schemes!

And, @lovebklyn spotted Matt and Tiffani filming in Brooklyn on Wednesday, around 8th Ave and Carroll St/President St, where they are still filming today.

Finally, thanks to @andreambg for sharing the top photo with Matt, taken in Brooklyn last week!

White Collar films in NYC all summer, making it a perfect time of year for fans to plan their very own on location vacation! To find out more about where, and when, to see your favorite filmed-in-NYC TV show filming, pick up OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC! To get all the day-to-day scoop about where White Collar is filming in NYC, keep an eye on our Daily Filming Locations.

If you spot White Collar filming today, send us your photos and scoop at!

Thanks again to all who have sent us photos from the set of White Collar!



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