Brad Pitt surprises fans in New Jersey at a screening of his new movie ‘World War Z’

On May 23 Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance at an advanced screening of his upcoming film World War Z in Hoboken, NJ and one of our Twitter followers, @Sara__E, was there!

She told us all about how shocked the crowd was when Brad emerged onto the stage, “the screening was supposed to start at 10:30 p.m., we got there at 9:15 and the line was already long… we were bummed when we finally got in because we ended up sitting in the front (5th row) but after the fact, we were like ‘thank god we were in the front!'”

She continued, “it was a long wait for the movie to start, we were wondering what the hold up was. Then I saw people in suits around the aisle by the front exit, and one of them said ‘sorry for the delay, thanks for being patient, we’ll be starting soon’ and one guy comes back from the bathroom and was told ‘please take your seat, we’re not letting anyone leave the theater’. At this point, we were joking around thinking ‘what? that’s weird, are they gonna have a zombie attack on us- interactive theater!’ and the guy behind us was kidding around saying, ‘Heh, is Brad Pitt coming or something?’. Literally, a second later, a camera guy comes through the door in the front of the theater and then Brad comes walking in! We all went nuts! Everyone was screaming and cheering, he had a huge smile on his face, waved at us, he threw a couple of t-shirts to the crowd, gave high-fives – everyone was in complete shock! He was given a mic and introduced the movie. I remember him thanking us for coming out so late to see the movie, and that he had shirts for everyone. He also said that they wanted him to do a screening in NY but that if he did one in NY, then he had to do one for the fans because that’s who they made the movie for, and in “no better place than Jersey!” The crowd went wild. Before he left, he gave a few more high-fives as the crowd cheered on. He really hyped up the room, we were definitely more excited to see the movie, it was pretty spectacular. I’ve been a Brad Pitt fan for a long time! As soon as he left, the lights went dark and the movie started. Personally, I enjoyed the movie–really intense, a lot of zombie action, just over all a fun movie to watch. Oh, and at the end, Brad didn’t lie, we all got shirts!”

Check out more of Sara’s photos below and a video of Brad at the screening! If you have a celebrity encounter you’d like to share, let us know about it at!

Thanks again to Sara for sharing!



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