New photos of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Paul Giamatti filming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ in NYC

The cast and crew of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have bee busy filming on location in New York City for the past few days.

On Monday, Andrew Garfield and Paul Giamatti shot as scene in Manhattan in which Spider-Man (Garfield) yelled to The Rhino (Giamatti) through a megaphone, while both stood on top of cars.

You can check out a few shots of the scene, thanks to Denise, below.

Yesterday, Andrew was back in the Spidey suit to film a scene in which he watches Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) from the top of a building. Fank sent us some photos from that scene, though the shoot was cut short due to rain.

After filming, Andrew left quickly and apologized to waiting fans for not stopping.

You can see more of Frank’s pictures here. Thanks to Liz and Denise for the additional photos, too. Today The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is filming in the Wall Street area. If you spot them, let us know about it at!



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