‘Beware The Night’, starring Eric Bana & Joel McHale, begins filming in NYC

Joel McHale is veering away from his usually light-heated, comedic roles for the supernatural thriller Beware The Night which began filming in New York City yesterday.

In the film McHale stars alongside Eric Bana who plays an NYC cop being targeted by the devil. Olivia Munn also stars as Bana’s wife while Edgar Ramirez has signed on to play a Jesuit priest.

Currently, Beware The Night is filming on a closed set at the Nassau Correctional Facility.

If you spot Beware The Night (their filming permit signs are going by “BTN”) let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

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  1. They were filming yesterday around Inwood Heights – the exact locations 204th and 205th Street on 10th Avenue (St Jude’s Church). It was very cool.

  2. I saw the permits up around 187 & 188th st and Valentine avenue in the Bronx starting on Thursday 06/13. This is one block from Fordham Avenue.

  3. There is a scene being filmed in the Bronx at Kingsbridge Terrace between Perot Street and Summit Place.
    The scene is to be identified as a precinct – the venue was in fact an old precinct back in early 1970’s.
    The scene began to be film today (June 18th, 2013).

  4. They were filming in the Kingsbridge Heights Center in the Bronx, NY the 18th, 19th, and the 20th of June. They used the Kingsbridge Heights Center as a NYPD Facility. Pretty cool how everything was set up.

  5. Filming tonight in Morris Park on Yates Avenue …Between Pierce and Morris Park Ave..I work around there and saw the signs…the sign said no parking from 8:00 pm Tomorrow, June25….

  6. They ARE FILIMING in my neigbor house/ MY HOUSE WOULD BE BETTER!!!!!!!!! and also they are using very intense light

  7. They r filming right now been here since 7am between 183rd&184th st on valentine ave i love u olivia ^_^ -july 5 2013


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