‘Boy Meets World’ at ATX TV Fest

To say that Boy Meets World impacted a generation would be an understatement. It was never more obvious then when Girl Meets World, the sequel/continuation/next chapter of BMW, was announced. Although creator Michael Jacobs is quick to note that Girl “is going to be its own show.”

The assembled cast was jubilant and passionate during the press conference at ATX Fest. Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) leaned over to joke with Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter) multiple times and said everyone “picked up exactly where they left off.” That was clear.

On the subject of BMW, Jacobs said he often wondered if they had done anything of “real value.” I think that answer to that is obvious, especially when talking about the relationship between Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) and Trina McGee (Angela Moore), who noted of all the problems their characters encountered, race was never one of them.

Always quick to put distance between the iconic Boy and the impending Girl, Jacobs assured us that no ones trying to make another BMW, and this new entry is “for the next generation.”


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