In Photos: Scott Porter & Wilson Bethel bring ‘Hart of Dixie’ to the ATX TV Fest

Fans of The CW got a special treat during last weekend’s ATX TV Festival when The Vampire Diaries’ Arielle Kebbel moderated the Hart Of Dixie panel with show creator Leila Gerstein and stars Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel.

Scott and Wilson shared a few interesting tidbits about when and how they were cast in the show – and their weird connection to Grimm.

The actors, who play George Tucker and Wade Kinsella (the two points of the show’s Zoe Hart love triangle), explained that they were both auditioning for roles on Grimm when Wilson got the call offering him the role of Wade. But, Scott didn’t have to sweat it out for too long. According to Gerstein, he was always her first choice for George.

Other highlights of the panel included Scott Porter beat boxing and teasing Wilson for missing the party plane that most of the actors took from L.A. to Austin.

Unfortunately, they didn’t give away too many clues about what will happen to the residents of Bluebell in season 3, though Gerstein did confess her favorite couple/name mash-up from the show is Lemonade (Lemon and Wade), so maybe we should take that as a hint? What would you think of a Lemon/Wade hook up?

Photo Credit: Waytao Shing


  1. Wade and Lemon are good friends and should stay that way. We don’t need everyone sleeping with each other just because they get along. Actually, I’d like to see George view Lemon in a new light…appreciate that she has made a new life for herself without depending on him. Wade belongs with Zoe because he loves her (and she loves him). Please no more “Zorge”…we’ve beaten that horse to death. I’m hoping season 3 brings Zoe and Wade closer to happily ever after and lets us enjoy more kissy-face time without all the angst. I love their love story…it’s the reason I watch.


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