The New Jersey ice cream shop featured in the final scene of ‘The Sopranos’ pays tribute to James Gandolfini

The owners of Holsten’s in Bloomfield, N.J., the ice cream shop where the iconic last scene of The Sopranos was filmed, is honoring James Gandolfini this week by “reserving” the booth where he ate his last meal as Tony Soprano.

“I closed the booth out of respect for him,” owner Chris Carley said. “I met him for the three days he was here. He was a real professional when the cameras were rolling, but when they were down he’d be standing outside smoking one of his big cigars talking to the crew. He was an all-around type of a guy, he took pictures and autographs, and he was a very down to earth.”

Fans have been flocking to the store, an already popular tourist destination located at 1063 Broad Street in Bloomfield, since news of Gandolfini’s death broke yesterday.

You can check out that famous scene again in the video below:

Photo: NY Daily News


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