Wednesday, June 26: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., Chicago, Cleveland & more including Solace, Captain America 2, Divergent, Veronica Mars, & The Normal Heart

Here’s a look at what’s filming on location Wednesday, June 26, 2013:

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Filming in California:

Veronica Mars is filming at 626 Wilshire Bl  and 611 Wilshire Bl in Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM).

Mission is filming at 700 S Flower St, Los Angeles (3:00 PM – 1:00 AM).

 Filming in Connecticut:

And So It Goes, starring Michael Douglas, base camp is at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport.

Filming in Georgia:

Endless Love is filming at a private home on Jackson Lake in Jackson.

Solace is filming at the Avondale MARTA station.

Filming in Illinois:

Divergent is filming around N Wabash Ave and E Wacker Pl in Chicago.

Filming in Louisiana:

The Hallmark movie Papa Noel is filming on the Bridge St Bridge in St. Martinville.

The pilot Occult is filming in Chalmette.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is filming in LaPlace.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is filming at the Michoud Assembly Facility, 13800 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans and at Dwyer Rd and Bullard Ave, New Orleans.

Filming in Michigan:

Transformers 4 is filming on M-52 between Weston and Mulberry roads in Fairfield Township.

Filming in Massachusetts:

The Equalizer is filming in the 100 & 200 block of Broadway in Chelsea. (Thanks Richie)

Filming in New York:

The Leftovers is filming off of Douglaston Pkwy, near 42nd Ave in Queens.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is filming at Wall St and Broad St in NYC.

Royal Pains is filming at Shore Rd and Manasset Ave in Port Washington.

5 to 7 filming on Madison Ave between 53rd and 56th St in NYC. (Thanks Ceetar)

Boardwalk Empire is filming at 2589 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island.

The Last Five Years, starring Anna Kendrick, is filming at Snug Harbor in Staten Island.

Song One, starring Anne Hathaway, is filming around N 6th – N 12th and Driggs in Brooklyn. Also filming around Bushwick Ave and McKibbin St, Brooklyn. (Thanks @aprilgrenn @1chicklette)

Bad Advice from My Brother is filming at Plymouth St and Pearl St in Brooklyn.

The Normal Heart is filming around 11th/12th Ave and 53rd – 56th St in NYC.

The Michael J. Fox Show is filming around Astoria Park in Astoria (Shore Blvd side). (Thanks @LindsayBubbico)

The Untitled Chris Rock Project is filming atW 41st St and 7th/8th Ave in NYC.

Beware The Night is filming in Loreto Park in the Bronx, Morris Park Ave and Van Nest Ave and Haight Ave and Tomlinson Ave and in Kingsbridge Heights Center in the Bronx.

Girls is filming around 48th St and Broadway in NYC. (Thanks @logainne @jerebles, @Iaurencox)

Unforgettable is filming around Hudson and Barrow in NYC. (Thanks @kgoodard)

Filming in North Carolina:

Eastbound and Down is filming at 151 Van Campen Blvd, Wilmington.

Filming in Ohio:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is filming at East Ninth Street and Euclid Ave in Cleveland.

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  1. Do you know if The Other Woman is filming today? I don’t see it here but I saw on the sidebar that there was a sign for it. Also, do you know what time it might be if it is filming and if Nikolaj will be on set? Thank you!

  2. Michael Bay directing Transformers 4 at same time producing TMNT… fun time to be filming both

    First time to this site… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!?

  3. In response to yesterday’s feed: this site was created for fans to meet celebs &. We should post info if we can — if idiot paparazzi like “jimmy” has a problem with that, then don’t use the site. As for jediknight- that was very nice of you to tell us that Johnny & Channing were at the soho trump; which is where Jessica alba always stays!!! And Im going to start posting where the celebs are staying just for jimmy!!

    Heidi is staying at the Greenwich hotel!!! She usually stays there every summer while shooting pr!

    • Kim, if u r going to make a statement at least post truthful information. JD is NOT at the trump SoHo,and Heidi doesn’t always stay at the Greenwich, she rented a house last year.

  4. Don’t call me a liar to hoodwink other people! I have no reason to lie! Heidi has been at the Greenwich for the past month, along with lesliee Mann — saw them both leaving that hotel several times… I live in the neighborhood!

  5. Johnny depp is staying at trump soho I saw his bodyguard walking out the front door, when bodyguard saw all the fsns waiting outside he made depp car come out of garage instead of front door and then I went to letterman and saw bodyguard with depp so I was right 100percent I also saw tatum come back to hotel late last night too

  6. The Chris rock project seems to be filming in the Times building where they do Times Talks. Lots of blue signs that say SET pointing in there.

  7. Girls looks like its filming on the corner of 49th and broadway. I see two black trailers and the crew is on break eating under a canopy. The place was a cd/ sheet music store.

  8. Beware of false info put on this site by paps to get fans and other paps away from the place where they are staying or filming. There is one New York pap that uses multiple aliases on this site to send fans and paps to non-existing film sets in New York City. He leaves his false information on the comments section and tweets. He also gives fake tips to the site. Most of the false locations are in out of the way and dangerous neighborhoods. Sometimes he will make his tips sound genuine by confirming the tips with his own aliases.

  9. I’m closing comments, sorry, I am working on a couple huge projects today and don’t have time to keep having to delete mean comments, not sure why all the controversy all of a sudden…

    As far as people leaving fake messages, there is one person who was doing that and I blocked them weeks ago, haven’t had a problem in a while, 99% percent of tips come from Twitter now anyway and I can usually vet the information pretty well, please don’t try to discredit the whole site based on a few comments. As the photos we receive prove, 99% of our info is current/accurate and when it isn’t we find out about it pretty quickly (believe me! :))

    If you have any tips or are looking for updates you know where to find me on Twitter, thanks.

  10. Wow johnny depp has to be one of the nicest guy I ever met he was so nice to sign my pirates of the carrabean dvd and posed for a photos with me it one of greatest moment of my life ever let’s thank christie for a great site to allow all this to happen

  11. I just saw the Veronica Mars filming in Downtown LA at the location listed – so cool! There was a paparazzi there with his camera and he said Kristen Bell was inside. I didn’t have time to wait to see her (had to get back to work!) but it was very cool. They had a fake Lexington subway setup and an entire space made to look like a restaurant (no restaurant exists there!!).

      • Hi Katy – yep!!! I was right where they were filming on the corner of Hope and Wilshire and there were tons of people there. I never watched the show so I could not have recognized any actors, but the paparazzi did. I bet if you knew who/what you were looking for since the windows are completely glass and they didn’t seem to push people away (I had my camera phone out and they did not care).

  12. What movie were they filming outside of Madison square garden today. In the plaza next to penn stating entrance ? Help a broths out


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