In Photos: Johnny Depp greets fan outside Letterman

As usual, Johnny Depp put his fans first when he arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week.

One of our contributors, Denise, was there and told us, “Johnny continued being awesome with fans, like he always is. Johnny started at one end and made his way around the entire line (of barriers). It was very chaotic and the police were yelling at people that were pushing and Johnny stepped back at one point. Security kept saying if there was pushing then he’d stop and I was afraid he might stop right after he started, but he didn’t. Before he got in his car I saw him take some pictures with the NYPD officers and some show staff. I don’t see that happen too often! I think it was kind of cute that the cops wanted pictures with him! There aren’t many stars I’ve seen create this level of excitement at Letterman.”

Check out Denise’s photos below!


  1. Thank you for the photos. They are crystal clear and beautiful. I feel bad for people who have taken photos with Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler or anyone else and they are soooo blurry. They must be so disappointed. I think the blurry ones might be taken with smart phones. Sometimes old fashioned digital cameras are the best.

  2. I like the photos. Not only are they very clear but they show all the actions as Johnny Depp greeting the fans, In the pictures’ background there are many other details like the buildings and fans. Very good , I like it.

  3. I was able to get a good photo of him goung in. The photos of him above were obviuosly taken when he came out because all he did going in was wave,and I was able to get agreat photo.

  4. I like all the pics of him…Johnny Depp is a gorgeous and kind man ,I think he is the best ever in Hollywood,I wish him the best for Lone Ranger and I’d like all that people there go to see and suport him ,Gore and Jerry,they deserve it!


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