New photos and video from the set of ‘Transformers 4’ in Adrian, MI

After storms delayed filming for three days, the cast, crew, and cars of Transformers 4 were finally able to film in M-52 outside of Adrian, MI yesterday.

The shoot included everything you’d expect from the Michael Bay franchise – pyrotechnics, car crashes, a chase scene, Optimus Prime, Hound, a Lamborghini, Jack Raynor and, most importantly, Mark Wahlberg!

Below are several photos and videos fans captured from the set this week. Transformers 4 will continue filming in Michigan for the next few weeks, be sure to let us know if you spot them via email at!

Dale sent us these cool pics:

These photos and videos were shared with us by Jim:

@bananadoc and @arielgordon13 shared these pics with us:

And the following photos are courtesy of Jeremy Sell:


    • Transformers 4 is supposed to be a “Reboot Sequel” to Dark of the Moon so everything will be different, deal with it!

  1. […] michael bay is doing transformers 4 alot of fans are mad because he is.. mark walberg is in the movie i saw the custom design of optimus prime he looks like hot rod but it's not they are filming in adrian MI in theaters june 27th 2014.. the semi behind prime rumor has motor master New photos and video from the set of ‘Transformers 4′ in Adrian, MI […]

  2. Heather – No more filming until possibly July 8th and 9th based on MDOT sign warning M-52 will be closed those days.

  3. Filming of Transformers 4 will continue next Monday and Tuesday. Those that parked alongside Weston near the film crew/vehicle staging area will not be allowed to park there again, so thanks to the inconsiderate people who stopped in the middle of the road blocking the driveway just to take a pic rather than parking like everyone else. They created congestion for the film crew staff and ruined it for fans that wanted to get an up close look.

    As per Paramounts complaint, NO roadside parking will be allowed and tickets will be issued.


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