First Chicago filming location for ‘Jupiter Ascending’, starring Channing Tatum, revealed!

Today we got a look at one of the first filming notices circulating around Chicago for Jupiter Ascending which is about to begin a month-long shot in the Windy City.

The notice advises crews will be hanging lights for the movie under the el structure beginning on July 1. It also states they will be working on Lake Street from Franklin to LaSalle from July 1 to July 3 and on Wells from Randolph to Wacker from July 5 to July 7. Though the notice doesn’t specify which days they will actually be filming, we assume some filming will take place during this period (not just set up).

Originally, the movie was expected to begin on June 24 but the Chicago start date was pushed to July, presumably because the movie’s star, Channing Tatum, has been busy doing press for his current film, White House Down. The cast and crew has already spent more than 2 months filming at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in the UK, too.

Andy and Lana Wachowski (the Matrix trilogy) are behind the futuristic science fiction film which also stars Mila Kunis “as a Snow White-esque Ukranian immigrant who spends her days scrubbing toilets for a living – unaware that her perfect genetic structure poses a threat to higher-evolved beings, who are constantly keeping an eye out to make sure the primitive humans on Earth remember their place.”

Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne will also appear in Jupiter Ascending.

If you are interested in being an extra, send your contact information and a photo to

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Thanks to @aMACEingSwiftie for the photo!


  1. wow, that frank guy is a total dick..

    Someone who is really from Chicago doesnt bash people who dont understand Chicago… Frank must be from eastern Michigan, got himself an apartment in Lincoln Park and now considers himself a true champion

  2. Frank probably doesn’t know that it is short for ELevated, hence calling it the el is perfectly acceptable. Seriously, what a douchebag.


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