Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer & Andre Holland shooting ‘Black and White’ in New Orleans

The film Black and White starring Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, and Andre Holland has started shooting in New Orleans, LA.

It was recently announced that Holland was playing a leading role, he recently starred in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42. says Holland will be playing a recent widower, a drug addict with whom Costner’s character (the father to Holland’s late wife) will contend with for custody of Holland’s biracial daughter/Costner’s granddaughter. Also in the picture is the Holland’s mother (Spencer), the child’s grandmother. As the title suggests, race is to play a major role in the story, exacerbated by Costner’s character blaming Holland’s for the death of their daughter/wife.

Black and White is being directed by Mike Binder.

If you spot Black and White filming in New Orleans (they are using signs that say B& W), let us know at!

You can see a complete list of projects filming in Louisiana at Louisiana Entertainment.



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