More photos of Jennifer Aniston on the set of ‘Squirrels’ in NYC

It sounds like Jennifer Aniston is having a better week on the set of her new movie, Squirrels to the Nuts, which she is currently filming in New York City.

Last week a few of our readers tracked down the Squirrels set only to be shooed away by her security. Others reported there seemed to be some tension on the set between Jen and director, Peter Bogdanovich.

But yesterday, though her security detail was still surrounding her, Jen seemed to be all smiles on set and even stopped to pose with a fan! One of our Twitter followers, @claudizzi, told us, “Security was pretty tight [on Monday] but he waited to see what her answer was after she rolled down her [car] window and I said “will you pleeeeease take a picture with me!? She nodded and the security guard moved away from the window. She had signed an 8×10 right before I asked her. After she took the pic he told the driver to roll up the window…Totally awesome, she was so nice!”

Check out a few photos from last week below (including one that is sure to reignite the baby bump rumors and a couple of her having a seemingly emotional conversation with her director):

And here are a few taken on location in NYC yesterday:

If you spot Jen on set in NYC, let us know about it at!

Photo Credits: Tyrone Jackson, Denise Korey


  1. R your readers really that pathetically stupid where are the photos showing “tension with the legendary director? She adores him as has every actor who ever worked with him and to assume otherwise is just plain libel. And you call this a “FAN” site. Fans: PLEEEZE GET A LIFE!!!!!


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