‘Fantastic Four’ shoot flees Vancouver, headed to Louisiana

A while back we reported that Fantastic Four was headed to Canada and would bring as much as $100 million in movie revenue with them, well now all that has changed as Peter Leitch, the president of North Shore Studios, announced Thursday The Fantastic Four Reboot has decided to shoot in Louisiana. The main reason behind the move is due to the lucrative tax incentives offered in that state.

While many might wonder if the savings are really big enough, Leitch said the savings could be as big as 10 to 20 percent, which considering the project has a budget of up to $100 million is quite a bit.

The project is being directed by Josh Trank, and is based on a script by newcomer Jeremy Slater. Filming is slated to begin in September.

The movie is slated for a release in March 2015.

Be sure to check back for more information about exact filming locations.


  1. this is what happens when too many greedy people have their hands out. the local economy loses out and jobs are lost. pathetic pathetic pathetic !!!!


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