Is he or isn’t he? Gosling Watch continues in Upstate New York

I live in Upstate New York which, normally, isn’t exactly a hotbed of celebrity activity. That was until about three days ago when #GoslingWatch2013 moved into our area.

Rumor has it Ryan Gosling is staying in a house on E Lake St in Skaneateles, NY, in the Finger Lakes region, this week. Twitter (and my iPhone) have been abuzz with “sightings” for the past few days, though no one seems to be able to provide any photographic evidence.

The latest development comes from They apparently reached out to Gosling’s publicist and were told he is not in the area but, if I’ve learned anything from running this website, it’s that you can’t always trust a publicist.

Regardless, I remain extremely skeptical that he would spend his downtime here. The Finger Lakes are nice, but if I had Ryan Gosling money I’d be in St. Barts or some other much more luxurious destination.

I started asking around to see if anyone could provide proof Gosling is somewhere else and heard all sorts of theories (he’s in Iceland, he’s at home in L.A., he’s still in Detroit where he recently shot How To Catch A Monster) but there is no evidence any of these rumors are true either.

So, for now, the exact location of Ryan Gosling remains a mystery, and I’m sure he likes it that way.


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