The networks bring their biggest stars out for the TCA Summer Press Tour 2013

It’s that time again, the TCA Summer Press Tour kicked off last with presentations from the cable networks and NBC for the assembled press.

This summer’s TCA events are being held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. You can follow the TCA’s Facebook Page for the latest photos, news, and updates.

The TCAs can be a great opportunity for some celeb sightings at the Beverly Hilton as the networks bring along their biggest stars to preview their upcoming seasons. You can check out the complete schedule below:

Thursday, Jan. 3 – Afternoon/Evening Event w/CTAM (Cable)
Friday, Jan. 4 – CTAM (Cable)
Saturday, Jan. 5 – CTAM (Cable)
Sunday, Jan. 6 – NBC Universal
Monday, Jan. 7 – NBC Universal
Tuesday, Jan. 8 – FOX
Wednesday, Jan. 9 – FX/Set Visits
Thursday, Jan. 10 – Disney / ABC
Friday, Jan. 11 – Disney / ABC
Saturday, Jan. 12 – CBS /Showtime
Sunday, Jan. 13 – The CW/TCA Business Meeting
Monday, Jan. 14 – PBS
Tuesday, Jan. 15 – PBS
Wednesday, Jan. 16 – Studio Day


  1. The Beverly Hilton won’t let you loiter on the property without a room key. I suggest you book a room there if you actually want to see something.

  2. tomorrow jennifer aniston will be shooting a running scene away from the united theater uptown being chase by will forte character, and also Naomi Watts is back on set tomorrow in bayridge and filming her scene that was supposed to be the other day but she wasnt on set due to her son’s birthday and was given the day off…the scene is with her running after the bus after a kid inside had taken her purse that contained some medication , tracers are back on set as well and shooting some exteriors first and interiors scenes.


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