Fan photos & videos from the set of ‘Jupiter Ascending’ in Chicago & Plainfield, IL

As we reported on Saturday, the sci-fi flick Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, filmed a large explosion scene on the Lake Street Bridge in Chicago on Saturday.

Several OLV readers caught some of the action which involved a chase/car crash, Channing giving Mila a piggyback ride, and a large explosion (with the help of a barge below).

Check a few videos and photos from the shoot below:

On Monday, the production moved to the Plainfield/Joliet/Minooka area. The movie set up base camp at Aux Sable Middle School, 2001 Wildspring Pkwy, Joliet and was filming at a farmhouse at McKenna Rd and Van Dyke Rd, about three miles away. Once word spread that Channing and Mila were in town, fans flocks to both a field behind the farmhouse and the school.

Check out a few photos from that shoot, too:

Thanks to all who shared their pics! If you spot Jupiter Ascending filming in Ilinois, let us know about it at! Stay tuned for more photos from the set in the coming days, too!

Chicago Photo Credits: @G0Hard0rGoHome @hailtotheorange @jimprothe, Ken, Alan/Plainfield: Facebook (Thanks to Greg for the link!)



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