Will Smith’s new film “Focus” will be shot in New Orleans

Warner Bro’s new comedy starring Will Smith as a con-man entitled Focus will begin shooting in New Orleans from September 16 to mid-November.

Margot Robbie (Pan Am) is in talks to play opposite Smith’s character, who is an experience grifter who becomes involved with the newcomer to the business (Robbie). Their romantic involvement serves to complicate matters as the opportunity of a lifetime for a con presents itself.

The producers initially had Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in mind, then later Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart. When Affleck passed, and Smith was cast, Stewart backed out citing concerns over age.

Will Smith is also working on another production called American Can, based on the true post-Katrina story of John Keller. It will also be filmed in New Orleans, and if all goes smoothly, it can turn into back-to-back shoots for Smith in the city.

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Photo/Source: NOLA


  1. Im down the Street Near Carrolton they have the street blocked off . I Wonder if they’re working on that movie right here ? I’m going to walk by during my break & check it out … Cant I get in as an Extra ? Lol


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