‘The Fault in Our Stars’ filming in Pittsburgh (Filming Locations Open Thread)


This morning the highly anticipated feature film based on John Green’s young adult novel The Fault In Our Stars began filming in Pittsburgh, PA.

The movie’s stars and producers, including Wyck Godfrey, Josh Boone, John Green, and Ansel Elgort have been tweeting their progress leading up to the start of production including the quest to find the perfect Indiana jersey, star Shailene Woodley donating her hair to charity, set props, and some pre-production bowling.

The story follows two terminally ill teenagers, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, who meet in a support group for children with cancer and fall in love. (If you haven’t read the book don’t let the topic deter you, it’s amazing!) Shailene Woodley is set to star as Hazel along with Ansel Elgort as Augustus.

According to a recent casting calls the shoot will take place August 26th-October 6th, Monday – Friday only.

We thought it would be a good idea to start an open thread, like our Abduction Thread, so fans in the Pittsburgh area can have one place to discuss all of the movie’s filming locations.

Bookmark this page and use it to discuss The Fault In Our Stars, its filming locations, or any sightings of the cast you may have while they are shooting in Pittsburgh. If you have any scoop to share regarding TFIOS, you can also email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com, Tweet us, or add your pics and vids to our forum.

Hopefully we’ll have more details about exactly where they are filming soon! In the meantime, check out a few photos shared by the cast and crew below!

UPDATE: The Fault In Our Stars is filming on 11th Street in Oakmont, PA through Aug. 30, possibly Sept. 7.

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  1. Have an update for The Fault In Our Stars, looks like they are filming on 11th Street in Oakmont, PA, huge crew, etc setting up #TFIOS

  2. I don’t think they’re in Oakmont, well if they are it’s only one of the places they’re shooting at. I think they’re in Point Breeze because the other day I saw Shailene Woodley and Nat Wolff coming from East End Food Co-op walking on Penn Avenue towards Point Breeze.

    • Just cause they were shopping in point breeze doesn’t mean they aren’t filming in oakmont. They seem pretty spread out. The film screenwriters were at primantis and dream cream ice cream downtown the other day and came to the south side too. So they must be staying downtown. On the other hand, Nate and Ansel are renting an apartment together, but I have no idea where.

      I hope they come somewhere that I can go to due to being a public transportation rider πŸ™

    • they were shopping in point breeze doesn’t mean they aren’t filming in oakmont. They seem pretty spread out. The film screenwriters were at primantis and dream cream ice cream downtown the other day and came to the south side too. So they must be staying downtown. On the other hand, Nate and Ansel are renting an apartment together, but I have no idea where.

      I hope they come somewhere that I can go to due to being a public transportation rider πŸ™

  3. Ashley-Have you seen any film trucks in Point Breeze? I think, from what I’ve heard about Shailene’s diet choices, that she would prefer to shop at the East End (farmers) co-op, so that she can “eat local”i.e. locally grown fruits and vegetables. The East-end co-op is probably the most popular place to buy local produce and goods year-round.

  4. Just saw this on the Mosser Casting facebook page. TFIOS needs extras, preferably with cars or dogs…? “People, 18 and older, needed as extras for various days on “The Fault in Our Stars.” Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Send your photo, age, location in an email to Tfios.casting@gmail.com. Please specify if you have a car or a dog.”

    • John Green was on the set in Oakmont today. Ansel Elgort posted a picture of both of them on set earlier today on twitter & instagram. I believe John mentioned on his Twitter or Tumblr that he would be in Pittsburgh for the first week of filming.

  5. Ok, so I just got the scoop on this week’s shoot:

    They will continue filming on 11th Street in Oakmont for the rest of the week, Mon -Fri.
    They might be filming beyond that as well as a local police officer told someone the No Parking was in effect from 8/26 to 9/7.
    They are filming days but they might be start filming and continue filming later on Friday because people in the neighborhood were told if they needed to mow their lawn they could only do it on Friday morning only.

    I’m dying to know what they are filming, they are filming at a house so I am assuming it is Hazel’s house. If anyone stops by you can email me pics at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

    • Woot thanks Christine! I want to stop by but don’t have a car. Coordinating with another nerdfighter who might give me a ride ;P

    • Oooooh never mind just found a bus that will take me there! I plan on going either Thursday or Friday on my days off! Anyone want to join!? We can make it a nerdfighter party and even hit a bar after ;P

      • Kaitlin, I could possibly do Friday! I don’t have a car either but maybe we could be bus buddies. I’m in the Bloomfield/Oakland area.

        • Hi Jen! I might stop by Friday if I don’t get my signatures on Thursday ;P or enough photos lol.

          I’d be catching the 1 from the north shore though and then the 78 heading toward downtown to get to 11th street. πŸ™‚

          • Awesome, Kaitlin! Well, if you go on Thursday, please post how it went and if you got to meet anyone! I can’t check it out until Friday so I hope they’ll still be around!

          • I really want to go but I live 2 hours away. Do you think they’ll still be filming Friday?? Could you ask if you go on Thursday please and ask if they’ll still be filming tomorrow? (Friday)

      • I’m going to be stopping over and investigating tomorrow! But I’d love to meet up with people! Let’s all keep in touch and work something out! πŸ˜€

          • I’m picking up a friend and heading over right after I leave work at 5. Hopefully they’ll still be around then. I imagine so but still. I’m likeee 30ish minutes North of Oakmont i believe!

  6. It’s storming right now where I live, about fifteen minutes away from Oakmont. I doubt any filming will be taking place outside today.

  7. Heard a rumor that they were filming in Monroeville Barnes & Noble so I called to find out. The manager couldn’t tell me much, but she did say that they’re not filming there this week (but I guess they will be eventually)…

  8. Anybody know the filming days schedule, would they be working through the weekend?

    Also, are they going to film in Pittsburgh for the whole month September?

    I appreciate all the info, thanks!

    • They’re filming in Pgh till the beginning of October (around the 8th).

      Should I even go tomorrow? It seems like they’re not even filming this weekend…

      Could someone who goes tomorrow morning update this maybe when they get there? If so that’d be great so we all don’t make a worthless trip πŸ™‚

  9. So apparently they filmed in a Church and high school today. There were various pictures of them in the high school, and in the church.

  10. I went down to the set today and met John like ULTRA fast. My friend and I stood on the corner of the blocked off street with four other people for literally five minutes and he walked out to say hi and sign and do pictures and stuff! It was unreal how awesome our timing was! But they are indeed on eleventh street and look as if they’ll still be there the rest of the week.
    I asked John if he got to pick where they shot or if someone else did and he said he has nothing to do with it. He just said “This streets flat…like Indiana… We just needed this to be flat.” XD Yet all of Oakmont’s a hill but whatever haha. but yay! successful trip was successful!

  11. Hey all. Another friend of mine went to the set today and caught John five minutes before he was leaving for a flight out of Pittsburgh. So I gess this means no more John on set? πŸ™

    • Yeah that’s what Ansel said; leaving town too.

      So I’m going to assume with at least two major people out of town this weekend no filming is happening until at least Monday? I assume?

      No John said he’d be on the set till the end of filming (don’t remember where). So he’ll be back

  12. Saw John green today @ about 2:30 pm. He stop and visited with a small crowd waiting @ the corner of Virginia Ave and 11th in Oakmont, PA. Shailene Woodley came out with John and said a quick “hello” to the small crowd, Shailene is a really nice person!

  13. I thought John said he would only be around for the first week of filming. They will not film this weekend since they filmed M-F this week. Union/ SAG rules.

        • Dude, I waited for over three hours and John never came out to see us. We saw him get in the van and drive away :/ So disappointing! Don’t think I’ll try that again. So jealous of all of you who had better luck than me!

          • Awww I’m sorry! Yeah I got there super early, like 9:30 am. I only met John, I was told Shailene usually goes for lunch around 2:30 – 3:30 and sometimes stops for autographs then.

            • We were there at 2:30 and Shai didn’t stop, but we heard she had been filming some of the hardest scenes and I think she might have been a bit too overwhelmed and tired to stop by.

    • I think he’s coming back in a couple of weeks but it won’t be to the Oakmont location. It’ll be wherever the next scenes are filmed.

      • Also, thanks for all your support, Lori and Steph. I was incredibly sad today after my bad luck but having Nerdfighter support is awesome. Though I’m still jealous.

  14. I haven’t heard yet, but I heard (from Mosser casting on Facebook) that they will be filming some “Amsterdam” scenes around the Pittsburgh area. Willem DeFoe will be Peter van Houten in the movie. I think this will be the 3rd Pittsburgh movie for Willem. The Clearing (Robert Redford, Helen Mirren) and Out of the Furnace (Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson) were the other two that I remember.

  15. An A&E tv series, Those Who Kill started filming in downtown Pittsburgh today. I think they will be filming in the courthouse. Signs for Those Who Kill say TWK. Keep that in mind when you’re searching for filming locations of TFIOS. Those Who Kill will be filming a whole season around the Pittsburgh area, so they should be in the area longer then TFIOS.

  16. So I saw John Green is back in town and I’m off Thursday so I was planning on going to set and trying again to get his autograph. Anyone else going Thursday?

    And are they still at 11th street? Or have they moved? Anyone know where the new location is if so?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Just remembered that in the above comment security said that no parking was only in affect until the 7th. Does that mean that they won’t be there Thursday the 12th?

  18. I spotted Haddad’s trucks downtown yesterday, but from the above comments it looks like it’s for “Those Who Kill”. Does anyone know if “Fault” will come to the downtown area?

  19. Does anyone know where they will be filming this week, preferably Wednesday, and what time they get done? I would really appreciate the information.

  20. They’re filming up the street form my school in Mt. Lebanon. They had to close our student parking for their trailers. They’re filming in a church on Washington Road.

    • Madeline, could you give us either the address to the school or the church?

      Anyone know how long they’ll be there? I’d like to go to the set on my day off (Thursday).

    • Ok I found the church!

      It’s St Paul’s Episcopal Church at 1066 Washington Rd Mt Lebanon!

      I don’t know how long they’re filming there though….the church is still running throughout filming according to their Facebook, so ill probably call Wednesday to find out if they’re still there filming on Thursday!

  21. Nice job Kaitlin ! Also-I heard that Those Who Kill will be sticking close to downtown Pittsburgh and some nearby neighborhoods. That’s why I knew it had to be TFIOS in/near Mt Lebanon. I also got confirmation from a couple people on Twitter, including one lady who works for the Post-Gazette. My Twitter is @Nikimarier

  22. Almost positive there downtown on Penn Ave right now across the street from my apartment. Theres a truck leased to 20th century fox parked on the street and a huge light shining down in one of the ally ways, as well as trailers.

  23. I’m heading to downtown in a few minutes tho and will be doing some investigative reporting πŸ˜‰ ill let you all know what I find!!!!

    • Yeah, just talked to one of the officers outside. I guess today is the last day their shooting in that specific location. I Hope they wrap soon, there lights are shining right into my apartment haha

  24. So it looks like they won’t be back at the church until late September and early October. They were just shooting the parking lot scene on Monday (with Isaac and Monica, I think?) It won’t let me post a link, but this is from a church email: “Filming is scheduled to take place here on Monday, September 9 in the parking lot, and again at the end of the month and early October at the back of the parish hall, second floor hallway, a bathroom, and the main worship space. There will be equipment in the parking lot (to be removed for Sunday September 29), and the back of the hall will not be available to us for several days.”

    • They were filming off of Penhurst Drive in Wilkins Township this afternoon. It was relatively easy to find, just drive along Penhurst and you’ll eventually see it! John was there, but we didn’t actually go onto the set, we were on the street beside it and he came out to take a phone call.

  25. The ‘Those Who Kill’ trailer corral is at Liberty Ave and Baum Blvd in Shadyside today, Sept 12; I followed the TWK arrow signs until the end of Baum but never found the actual filming location.

  26. Hey all!

    Just wanted to pop in here to let you all know that they are indeed still located on heritage drive in Wilkins twp. Thanks so much to the Brian who posted that address! I went there yesterday around 6pm to see if I could find it, and sure enough, you can’t miss it. I also got to meet Ansel Elgort, and John Green himself! It was awesome! I’m pretty sure they’ll still be there today, so get down there ASAP if you want to meet them!! The crew was super cool about it, and they made sure we got to meet John. I have pics if too, anyone is interested. πŸ™‚

  27. What times do they film from? And will they be at St. Paul’s Cathedral on September 27? (said somewhere they will be there at the end of the month)

    • Yesterday one of the crew mentioned that they’d been there since about 9am, and that they’d be there until 9pm. I don’t know if it’ll be the same today, since it’s their last day shooting that location. Best advice I can offer is to just go and find out. Not sure about the church scenes later this month yet.

    • Will they be filming at Hartwood acres all day Monday? I go to the high school about 5 minutes away and I was planning to go right after school which would be around 2:30. Also is that the only day they’re filming there?

  28. If you read the previous comments yes that is the only day they are filming there they will get there at 7:30 and be done at 8:00 that night it’s 4000 middle road 15101 the next day will be at the airport

  29. Haddad trucks at the Mansions on Fifth hotel, corner of Fifth ave and Amberson ave in Shadyside. Probably for Those Who Kill. They were near there last week.

  30. They are definitely there! I just walked all around the neighborhood – no actor or John sightings but I saw all their trailers. I didn’t really see a good place to sit/wait for them to come out though. Let me know if anyone else is going – it wouldn’t be as awkward to wait around with more people!

  31. Ignore my last comment, I asked before I noticed the new ones about Friday! Also, does anyone know of the specific dates that they’ll be back to that church to film again? I know “end of September” but I was wondering if anyone had a better idea yet…

    • I’m not sure, I was wondering the same thing. It has to be sometime next week though. Personally I’m hoping for either Thursday or Friday next week. I’m planning to go if I can figure out the exact date. I was on set yesterday and everyone was so nice!

      • Hi Danielle! How did you get on set? That’s so sweet! And where is that church that was mentioned? I live in western PA like 2 hours from Pittsburgh and I have off school Friday the 27th and I was going to try to get John Green to sign my sister’s book for her birthday. Please let me know if you get a location for next Friday. I appreciate it!

        • Hi Ryan! I got on set because I was an extra the day they were filming at the airport. The church is in Mt Lebanon, it’s St Paul’s episcopal church. Hopefully someone will figure out what day they’re filming there soon. Good luck getting your sister’s book signed! I talked to John for a bit the other day and he’s definitely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  32. You all want information that’s to far ahead of what anybody could possible know nothing is for sure until three days before and even then it could change if your looking o where they are going to be do not ask until its three days before when you looking to know

    • No. They wont go to Amsterdam until around October 10th. They are shooting some Amsterdam scenes in Pittsburgh, including those with Van Houten (Willem DeFoe). Check the Mosser casting Facebook page for updates. A while back they said on their fb page that Pittsburgh would represent Amsterdam for some scenes and they put out a casting call for “European” extras.

    • Hi Steven- Those Who Kill has (also) been filming in different locations around Pittsburgh for a few weeks. I believe the signs (yellow with black writing) say “TWK”. Filming signs posted near locations for The Fault in Our Stars say “Larry”. That’s a good way to tell them apart, if you find a filming location. There was something posted on the Pittsburgh Film office traffic web page about Allegheny Square on the Northside. I’m 99% sure that is for TWK.

  33. TFIOS–Saw a sign at Allegheny River Blvd and Washington Blvd today and also the sign at Liberty and Baum. Where are they filming exactly, does anyone know?

  34. Is there a Saturday or Sunday they will be at the church for tfios? I’m sorry if this has already been answered but this is my only source to find out where they’ll be because I’d love to meet the cast, especially John. Thank you!

  35. Hey guys. I went to the church and they were cleaning up from last night. The one woman said they cancelled filming last minute for today but she expects them to be back Monday. Kind of disappointing, but I was in the room where they filmed the eulogy! It was a neat setup but John and the actors weren’t around.

    • I was there today too around 11:45 and took a few pictures of the equipment they had lying around. The woman I talked to also said they’d probably be back Monday, but she didn’t know what time. Too bad they cancelled for today though.

  36. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows where they are going to be filming this week? if anyone knows, I’d really appreciate a reply! Thanks!

  37. Idk if it is this movie but there is a old closed down school on Penn Ave and Franklin Ave in Wilkinsburg and thet were there all friday night (last night) Looks like they were useing the gas station and school. Everybody has been very in the dark about it heard there was a star there but no one knows who not even the gas station worker. I use the gas station there but they had it closed for the day and night and shut down like 2 blocks. Looks like this morning they were wrapping up or just off for the day.

  38. If anyone hears where they will be filming Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday could you please let me know. I went to set today but got there right after everyone left unfortunately. Thanks!

    • Hey Danielle! I got to meet John today! He signed my sisters book and I got a picture. You were right, he’s super nice. We also got to see Shai and Nat. If the wires and equipment were still there, they are most likely going to film at the church again tomorrow. Good luck!

      • Congratulations! I’m so glad you got to meet him! I was thinking about going back tomorrow, but I’d need to go pretty early because someone told me they’d be done filming by the afternoon. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet haha

    • AHHHH that’s awesome! That’s only 3-4 blocks from my house! πŸ˜€ guess I’ll be going to meet the cast again! Might get a photo with Shai this time if pre teens don’t swarm! And maybe I’ll bring Divergent instead for them to sign this time!!!!

      • Hey, um can I ask you a favor? If you manage to go, can you bring them a very, very important letter for me? My tumblr is helpimtiny if that helps but yeah, it would really really really mean a lot.

  39. Just went to the 31st street studio and the security guard said they’re not there but he seemed a little..yanno. Anyone have any updates or can confirm what he said? Anything would help. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Well I can only look for him today so Im looking for as solid of info as possible. Did someone see them or was it confirmed to anyone that they’d be there? Checking other suspected locations until thenn. Thanks

  40. Any idea of where they’ll be on Friday or Monday? I’ve tried to get my hands on every resource and finally found this. Heard of people having some success and figure I might as well try to see if I can make it.

  41. Are the filming at the hospital today still, how late will they be filming, will John Green be there and if so how late will be there, and if not when will he return to the set? If anybody has any info on any of these questions, please let me know.

    • yes they’re still filming there. from 6 pm – 6am tomorrow (saturday). And yes John Green is still in town, he posted a picture on twitter earlier today on the pittsburgh incline.

  42. Wish we would have known about the filming Saturday for Northgate’s Homecoming. Would have made for fun photos. Does anyone know if they’re coming back to AGH Suburban?

  43. Anyone know how much longer they’ll be in town? I would do anything to meet John Green! Is he answering fan videos at all?

  44. They were filming a movie today on the North Side but I don’t know for sure which one. Lots of production trucks, lights, everything. Specifically the old Carnegie Free Library building (used to be for Allegheny City).

  45. I was an extra on set this week and I heard they finished filming in Pittsburgh on Thursday. They are heading to Amsterdam now for a few days and then they’re done filming!

  46. I heard they are just going to be filming scenic shots of the city so they’ll probably be a bit of everywhere. They have filmed most of the Amsterdam scenes in Pittsburgh – the restaurant scene, Anne Frank’s house, etc.

  47. FYI all-

    TFIOS is having a competition to bring back John green, Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, and Nat Wolf to PA. Follow the link below to go to tumblr where you ‘note/reblog’ the PA post to bring them back!

    I wish they had separate cities, but maybe that’s part 2 of the winning states? IE if we win to bring them to PA, who knows whether it’ll be in far away Philly, or in PGH.



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