Decoding Breaking Bad’s GPS Coordinates


GPS coordinates are playing a big role in the final episodes of Breaking Bad and it turns out there’s nothing random about them.

In “Buried”, Walt buys a lotto ticket to disguise the  coordinates of the desert location where he has buried his fortune – N 34, 59′, 20″, W 106, 36′, 52.”

Of course it didn’t take savvy fans long to figure out that coordinates don’t lead to the desert at all but they actually belong to Albuquerque Studios, the show’s homebase for all five seasons.

Though they weren’t featured as prominently, Lydia’s phone also reveals coordinates during her phone call with Todd when she asks his posse to take out Declan’s crew. Those coordinates will lead curious fans to the Phoenix Sky Harbor, aka “America’s Friendliest Airport.”

“We wanted them to be in Arizona, but not somewhere where fans might think there was actually something hidden,” script coordinator Jenn Carroll explained. “So our clearance folks at [Breaking Bad’s studio] Sony suggested using an Arizona airport, which worked out perfectly – no one will get very far digging a giant hole in the center of the tarmac.”

Have you spotted more location-related Easter Eggs, Spoilers, or even mistakes in the latest episodes of Breaking Bad? Let us know about it in a comment below!


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