Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson filming ‘The Secret Service’ in Deepcut, UK


According to 96.4, The Secret Service is prepping to start filming at St. Barbara’s Church in Deepcut, UK very soon.

The movie, which has also been spotted filming in London this week, stars Colin Firth as a veteran MI6 agent who takes his nephew (Taron Egerton) under his wing. Samuel L Jackson stars as the movie’s main villain.

Sir Elton John has also signed on for a cameo in the movie. Rumor has it he he will be taking part in one of the movie’s big fight scenes!

If you spot The Secret Service filming in the UK, let us know about it at!


  1. Busy as Hell here in Deepcut! Cars Not Moving! Just Seen A Massive Fuel Truck Pull Out Of The Church! Hopefully For A Massive Explosion Scene 🙂 Bring On Samuel L Jackson to Deepcut!

  2. It’s TSS’s final day filming in Deepcut today. Elton John isn’t part of the fight scene, only Colin Firth and Corey Johnson playing the other main character in that scene who Colin fights and kills.

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