Al Pacino spotted filming ‘Manglehorn’ in Austin, TX


Al Pacino has started filming Manglehorn, along with with Holly Hunter and Chris Messina, in Austin, TX.

On Tuesday the movie shot at Little Mexico Restaurant off South First St, yesterday they were spotted filming in the Hyde Park area, and today crews are working in the Bouldin Creek area.

According to Deadline, it is “the story of a guy who gave up the love of his life for a life of crime and now he regrets it as the world crumbles in front of him. His profession as a locksmith is symbolic of a guy who’s trying to find the key to put his life back together. It’s a love story, the choices you make in your youth and the situations you set up for yourself: you end up sitting alone at the dinner table talking to a cat! I do think there is a beautiful humor in this.”

If you spot Manglehorn filming in Austin, let us know about it at!



  1. They are using my friends house to shoot the scenes where AJ Maglehorn lives. We actually got to meet Al Pacing for a quick minute. Al along with the director and company came to the house around two weeks ago because as the director told my freind Al wanted to get a feel for the place. The moving company came Monday to the house to move all my friends furniture to start setting up the house for the movie set. Pretty cool.

  2. My son saw Mr. Pacino yesterday, and recognized him. One of the security guys confirmed it was him. We own a small local business making signs, banners, decals, etc….but we specialize in glass etching. We went home and made Mr. Pacino a glass pc, and I would love to get it to him. I will try to catch him across from Burnet Middle school today when I go pick my son back up. If anyone else happens to see a new film location, or knows how I could get this to him please let us know. We are fans, but not weirdo’s. We chose to make the pc for him in efforts to help get our business name out there, and exposed to the public. If you are interested in seeing the pc please call or text me, Jesse at 512.999.3413. We are also on FB and our website is
    Thanks for any tips or info you could provide.

  3. There is something being filmed at the Scottish Rite Theatre on Lavaca. They have food trailers and other stuff in the parking lot next to our parking garage at 16th & Lavaca. Is this the movie that is being filmed there?

  4. Hey everyone. I spotted Al Pacino and crew this morning about 9:45am at Dan’s Hamburgers on Airport Blvd. He was sitting in the parking lot and apparently had just finished filming a scene at the RV park nearby. The women inside Dan’s came rushing outside to take photos. It was a funny scene. Hahaha!

  5. They are filming on Airport and Lavender loop near the Dans Hamburgers. Just sit in tr Dans parking lot and wait for Tan Mohawk van with the cameras on it and you will get a chance to meet and see him

  6. Currently, at 8:00 pm on 12/10, theyre filming at the corner of 38th 1/2 st. and Mapplewood Ave. Theyre filming outside currently (I saw Al), and they will be filming inside until 4AM, a neighbor told me.

  7. I was an extra in a scene shot for Manglehorn at Luby’s on 12-11-13. This was a 20 minute scene in which Al Pacino and Holly Hunters characters are eating dinner. The scene was completed after 9 hours of shooting. It was an honor to have worked with Mr Pacino. Looking forward to the movie release!

  8. So, Dustin Hoffman is a block from our office. Trailers everywhere up and down MLK. Is this the same movie or a different one?

  9. I know their is 2 flims being flimed in Austin right now.
    I do know their is a film being filmd in south Austin off Brodie in the neighbor hood shady hallow.
    Phil you can try and call the credit union and just see if they are open and just ask
    Who is filming? I did that when he was Al was filming g at Lubys.
    Adam sandler and Jennifer garner is filming also in awaiting but think they are filming the one in south Austin.
    Know Al be here for while filming cause they just started filming in Austin about week or 2 ago…
    I’ll keep y’all updated if I found out anything

  10. Someone is filming today behind the ITT Technical Institute on Hwy 290. Building faces Camino La Costa and the parking signs say D II, II D on them with a Crew sign leading to the back. Apparent Cast trailers are parked behind the building with a food trailer in front facing Camino La Costa. So this is near the corner of Calidad Drive and Camino La Costa in an empty building that sits right next door to the Social Security building.

  11. A security person told a co-worker of mine that Dustin Hoffman was in the trailer at 16th and Colorado. I guess he’s in the Lance Armstrong movie? Seems kinda strange…..

  12. Film crews back in south Austin Shady Hollow neighborhood today but a different street from the Dec filming. On Saddlestring off Brodie. Anyone know what movie this is?

    • Would love to know what is being filmed in Shady Hollow. I live near by and saw the December filming on the other side of Brodie too.

  13. Would love to know what is being filmed in Shady Hollow. I live near by and saw the December filming on the other side of Brodie too.

  14. We saw the crew last night coming into the neighborhood off Brodie, my boys snapped a few pics for their friends, very excited. Wish I knew which movie it was, why didn’t they pick my house??? 🙂


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