Robert Pattinson will return to Toronto to begin filming ‘Life’ next month


The city of Toronto has added a start date for Life to their upcoming production list.

The movie will mark a return to Toronto for Robert Pattison, who has also filmed Cosmopolis and Map to the Stars in the city in recent years.

Directed by Anton Corbijn, Life is based on the true story of the friendship that developed between actor James Dean, played by Dane DeHaan, and photojournalist Dennis Stock (Pattinson) as they traveled across America.

According to the film office, filming is scheduled to take place in Toronto from February 18 to March 27.


  1. Yes! I’m so excited. I can’t believe Rob is shooting his 3rd movie in Toronto. Looking for him in the winter weather will suck…..a lot!

  2. Thanks for the update Christine. There was a fanpic of both Rob and Dane on Saturday night in downtown Toronto.
    The production list link no longer works because it was changed to a PDF file on the site. The info is still the same.
    I would suggest that Life is still a go for a Toronto shoot!
    Did I mention that I’m excited? I’m so, so, so excited!

  3. oh my god i am sooooooooooooo upset all i want is to see him in real life where is he going after Toronto anyone know Robert Pattison ummmmmmmmmm


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