Zach Braff talks Kickstarter at the Sundance premiere of ‘Wish I Was Here’

Zach Braff, along with his co-stars, Kate Hudson, Josh Gad and Mandy Patinkin, debuted his film Wish I Was Here at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend.

The movie has caused some controversy because Braff chose to raise money for the film through crowd funding rather than trying to go through the studio system. “The beauty of the crowd funding was there was no outside financing other than the fans,” Braff said of his decision. “I was able to choose all of my first choice for all of the roles and I was lucky enough that they liked it.”

Braff plays struggling actor Aidan Bloom in the movie who is forced to home school his kids after his father is diagnosed with cancer.

Check out a video of Braff discussing the project at Sundance below:


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