Potential ‘NCIS’ spin-off ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ will be filming in NOLA later this month


NCIS is planning a special two-episode arc set in New Orleans that may result in a spin-off.

The “sweeps” episode will be built around the real New Orleans Naval Criminal Investigative Service office.

“I sit down in between seasons and I look at information about the real NCIS,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg said. “I do my studying. I read the paper. I catch up on news. And one of the things I came across was the fact that (there is) a real NCIS office in New Orleans. And because of the richness of the backdrop of your city, I got excited. Unlike Washington, D.C., which has this tremendous NCIS presence, there’s this little office that is now located at the Naval air station in Belle Chasse. For a long time it was run by one man, and now it’s like three or four guys. The fact that there’s this little office and the Navy and the Marine Corps felt the need to have it there intrigued me.”

The two New Orleans-set episodes will be filmed in Los Angeles and New Orleans in late February or early March. NCIS characters will work with the New Orleans characters in the episodes, which will also act as the pilot episode of a potential new series to be considered for CBS’ fall schedule.

“It will be two episodes of NCIS that happen to significantly take place down there,” Glasberg said. “We’ll meet these new characters, but still have a story and situations going on in D.C. We’ll intercut the two, and hopefully establish characters that people embrace and feel comfortable with and that hopefully will find their way onto the fall schedule.”

Mark Harmon will be among the actors headed to New Orleans.

Here are descriptions of the new characters, too.

NCIS Special Agent D. Pride – MALE, charismatic and full of life, a man who savors every moment but can be rock-solid and strong when needed.

NCIS Special Agent C. LaSalle — MALE, handsome, born-and-bred Louisiana, a former Sheriff’s deputy who’s been through some rough times.

NCIS Special Agent M. Brody — FEMALE, full of insights, no-nonsense, put together, a government employee façade on an Ivy League mind, Brody is Grace Kelly-like in her class, pomp and circumstance.

Dr. L. Wade — FEMALE, outspoken and seriously on her game. She’s often intentionally full of contradictions.

If NCIS: New Orleans is picked up, there are no guarantees the full series will be shot in New Orleans. Though, Glasberg has stated he wants to “portray as realistically as I can the path that brings people to the city, and what makes them stay there.”

If you’re in New Orleans, keep an eye out for NCIS: NOLA filing and be sure to let us know if you spot them!

Source: nola.com



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