Lady Gaga spotted filming new video at Hearst Castle this week

GagaGMA8.19.13 (3)

The majestic hilltop estate of William Randolph Hearst was transformed into a video set Tuesday night.

The Hearst Castle, located in San Simeon, is a state historical monument that has been toured by millions – including us – curious to see what a 90,000 square feet mansion and private zoo is really like.

The shoot was for an upcoming Lady Gaga video and took place in the estate’s Roman Pool, an over-the-top blue-and-gold tiled indoor pool complete with gold statues.

Crews were spotted spraying large inflatable plastic swans in metallic paint and carrying giant plaster seashells around the set. There are few other details about the video except that it is “the most extensive shoot she’s done.”

They were expected to film at the estate’s famous Neptune Pool this week, too.

The shoot wasn’t only making news for its budget, but also because the Hearst Castle rarely lets anyone film on their grounds. As one spokesperson put it the rule for filming has generally been “no.”

The foundation allowed Gaga to film on site due to the “extraordinary exposure (the project) will bring to a new generation.” Gaga, her parents, and her associates are also donating $250,000 to the foundation (in addition to the castle’s standard $22,100 special fee), underwrite a $25,000 water supply study, and reimburse the state for all production-related costs.



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