Must See Filming Locations: The ‘Ghostbusters’ Firehouse


We’d be remiss if didn’t include the iconic New York City firehouse that served as the Ghostbusters headquarters in our series of Must See Filming Locations.

Hook & Ladder 8, located at 14 N Moore St in Tribeca is still one of the most visited filming locations in NYC. The building is also an active firehouse and the firefighters who call this station home are always happy to discuss the building’s history.


This week the firehouse has also become the site of a small memorial to beloved actor/director/writer/comedian Harold Ramis. Candles, flowers, and Twinkies were laid out on the sidewalk as word of his passing spread. But, despite reports, the memorial does not include the famous Ghostbusters sign.

Do you have any suggestions for a Must See Filming Location? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Instagram via Gothamist



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