Robert Pattinson filming ‘Life’ in Ontario (Open Thread)


Today we have more photos of Robert Pattinson and co-star Dane DeHaan filming a 1950s set scenes for their movie Life in Millbrook, ON.

Since the movie began filming in Ontario in mid-February we’ve talked to lots of fans looking for details about the shoot and exact filming locations.

So far, we know Life has shot on location in Toronto, at the Knox Pumpkin Farm, and now, in Millbrook. We also know Rob has been more than gracious with most fans who have tried to meet him on set.

Since Life will continue filming through Mar. 27, we thought we’d set up an Open Thread so fans can have one place to talk about all of the movie’s filming locations.

Bookmark this page and use the comments to discuss Life, its filming locations, or any sightings of the cast you may have while they are shooting. If you have any scoop to share anonymously or photos you’d like posted, you can also email us at You can  Tweet us, or add your pics and vids to our forum too!




Photos: Christi Morton,


  1. Heard from someone following him for a few days that it is greenwood today but I have been surching for info and cannot find any

  2. EDIT: Life is filming at 2 College St in Toronto NOW until 1 AM

    (Thanks to Laura for the info!)

    If you check it out, let us know!

  3. Rob and Dane are done for today. They are shooting the extras up to 7pm tonight and the day will wrap! Great, great day!

  4. Last night people were tweeting pictures of the vintage cars from the film. The cars were on Bay/Adelaide but I haven’t been around there to see if they’re filming.

    • something filming at Adelaide, west of University Ave in Toronto, not sure if it is Life, trying to confirm either way, anyone else see them?

  5. Rookie Blue is filming at Adelaide and university. And there is nothing near bay. Looks like there will be no filming today.

    • any news today? Was just looking at a couple fans sites and twitter for clues but didn’t find much, maybe weather is a factor?

  6. I went down to the location about 3:30 today and they were done the outside shots and had moved inside to a building on the corner of Yonge and Adelaide, third floor. The security guard did not think they would be out for several hours. I’ll try again maybe later tonight or try to find out where they’ll be tomorrow.

  7. Possibly only interiors today but I don’t know where. For my sanity, I hope it’s far away from my Toronto office.

  8. Tuesday March !8. I saw pictures today from Lakeview Restaurant on Dundas at Ossington – same location as Cosmopolis. Someone complained about being displaced by Rob’s film when he tried to eat there.

  9. They are filming on Church Street, North of Wellesley at 71 Gloucester tonight late into the night. Might be the last night of filming.

    Trailers for the actors have been spotted on Parliament South of Bloor.

  10. It’s not at Shuter and Victoria. they are to other films being shot there. Clementine and Agatha.

    People did go last night but Rob did not sign. As far as I know they have wrapped exterior location shooting.

  11. Hey guys any idea where they’ll be filming tomorrow(wednesday)???? Ill be downtown it would be so cool if I could see them. Thanks!!


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