Indie film director Hal Hartley headed to Queens for ‘Ned Rifle’


Hal Hartley has announced that the final movie in the Grim Family trilogy will be shot on location in Queens.

When asked by the Daily News why he decided to use Queens for his setting he stated that “the neighborhood caught my eyes years ago” he then added “It’s not too suburban — but it’s not too urban.” He did mention that he has also been scouting other locations in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

The project is currently titled “Ned Rifle” and is expected to start production within the next few months. Most of the filming will take place in the Woodside area.

The project will once again revolve around the Grim family, these characters were first introduced in “Henry Fool” and then again in 2007 with “Fay Grim.” According to Hartley, “They are kind of a regular working-class family that gets mixed up in a lot of world class problems.”

Thomas Ryan, Parker Posey, and Liam Aiken are once again expected to star.

Hartley says he hopes to use different parts of Queens to represent different areas of the country, for example parts of the movie will take place in Washington State however Hartley hopes parts of Queens can be used instead of moving the production. He also adds that the LIRR and 7 line, both running through Queens will likely be featured prominently in the film. “It always has to do with trains no matter what borough I am in,” Hartley said.

If you spot “Ned Rifle” filming in Queens, let us know about it at!


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