TV Pilots filming in South Carolina, New Mexico, & Texas are looking for Extras


Pilot season is in full swing which means these potential series are looking for extras all over the country. Here are three of the latest pilot casting calls:

In Charleston, SC men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities are needed to appear as paid extras in the pilot episode of The CW’s Identity. To apply, register at

This week the pilot Salvation, starring Ashley Judd, begins filming near Dallas, TX and the casting company needs all type of extras. “Everybody, short, tall, fat, skinny. Anybody and everybody, we want you. We want kids. We want adults. Everybody has a chance to be on set,” said Rachel Constantinescu, extras casting coordinator at Legacy Casting. “Because if you look at what’s on TV, it’s always things that are every day things. Sometimes you may be a nurse, sometimes you might be a teacher, you might be a congregant in a congregation, at a church, and so we need people to fill all of those roles.”

Legacy will also be looking for extras for the comedy Two for One later this month in Dallas. To apply as an extra in either series, visit

Finally, in New Mexico another CW pilot, The Messengers, starring Diogo Morgado (Son of God), is set to begin filming and they are looking for extras, too. Here are the specifics: looking for 18 yr olds who look younger, real military, ex military and military types. Looking for all types for lots of different scenes. If you are interested, please email a photo, contact number, height, weight and your availability to:


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