It looks like ‘Glee’ is returning to NYC for more filming this month


It looks like we can cautiously confirm Glee will be filming in NYC again in the coming days.

Last month Fox announced the remainder of the series will be set in New York City but they will still shoot most of scenes on the Paramount Lot in Los Angeles, spending only a few days here and there on location in NYC, as they have been doing for the past couple of years.

Based on several tweets posted by Glee’s cast and crew, including this one from Chord Overstreet, fans are speculating the show will be spending time filming in NYC very soon.

In the past, there have been lots of false alarms when it comes to Glee filming in NYC so we’ve been skeptical but we’re hearing the show’s location scouts were spotted looking for locations in and around Washington Square Park this morning, a good sign that filming is actually happening.

Now, we need your help separating the rumors from legitimate tips over the next several days. If you spot Glee filming in NYC or find a reliable tip online, please let us know if the comments below, via Twitter, or via email at so we can pass on the most accurate information to other fans!

There is still no timeline for filming but in the past they’ve filmed on the weekend so keep an eye out!


  1. Not sure how to post a picture here but i took a picture of a sign that says Fox filming tomorrow from noon to 7pm on 45th street and 6th avenue.

  2. Does anyone know if they are STILL filming in NYC today? Please, please update me if possible! I have two eager children that want to meet some of the cast! Thank you.

  3. OK, so now people on Twitter are saying they are were in Times Square area, on Broadway and 43rd, as of about an hour ago…even though (per my comment above) a couple other people mentioned they didn’t see anything.

    @olv glee filming bway bet 43 and 44 now

    And here’s a sign I think is for Glee, location makes sense and there is nothing filming in city by the name of Dowtown that I know of:

    Think this is 4 #GleeinNYC in Times Square 2dayRT @lives_for_books @olv is this Glee? @ the Stephen Sondheim Theatre

  4. Here’s a tweet w/ pic of them in Times Square about 2 hours ago:

    “@jnheinmiller: They’re filming #Glee outside of my building right now!! This is so exciting!!! #GleeInNYC”

    If anyone check it out, send us your pics! 🙂

  5. Saw them (well, at least Artie/Kevin McHale; cab was moving too fast to catch anyone else for me ) across from NYU Law School on Washington Sq around 8AM this morning.

  6. 2 updates: Hearing Glee was is in Washington Square Park as of an hour ago, also filming outside NYY Skirball Center 566 LaGuardia Pl, New York, today (per their twitter acct).


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