Help fund my first Inkshares project: ‘101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See’

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I’m excited to announce I’ve teamed up with the crowd-driven publisher Inkshares to fund my next book, tentatively titled 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See.

101 Places is the ultimate travel guide for movie, TV, music, and celebrity enthusiasts.

Wanna be a Seatfiller at the Oscars, eat at Brad Pitt’s favorite restaurant, or help move the stage during the Super Bowl? This guide will tell you how.

In order for the book to go into production, I need to raise $4320 from you, the OLV community.

Where will the money go?

The funds raised will allow me to travel to two more comic-cons this summer and complete my research for the project. Inkshares will also use a portion of the funds to publish the first run of books later this year.

Why you should give now:

Inkshares will kick in $5.00 for every person who backs the project through April 15. Inkshares also operates on an all-or-nothing funding model which means I have to hit my funding goal for the book to be published.

What you’ll get in return:

For $10: An ebook, access to drafts, and updates from the author.

For $25: a print copy and ebook, access to drafts and updates from the author.

For $50: Three print books, one ebook, an acknowledgement in the book, updates and access to drafts.

To back this project, visit now!

*See current incentives here.



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