Throwback Thursday: One lucky fan recounts his meeting with Tom Hardy in NYC


Last year many of our biggest stories revolved around Tom Hardy shooting The Drop (then known as Animal Rescue).

Many of our readers were lucky enough to meet Tom last spring as he filmed the movie in Brooklyn and his consistent charm became the talk of the town.

One of our readers, Jon, recently shared his story of meting Tom. Check it out below:

It was last year, during the filming of Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. My wife (who is a huge Mr. Hardy fan) and I made the trek from New Jersey and managed to find his trailer with little complication. However, he was filming at the time, so we ended up waiting until he was finished. We met a few people there, and in a “small world” fashion, my wife met two of her online friends completely at random.

Anyway, we had to move to another area since the filming location had changed, so we all walked to the park and waited. We could see him and Noomi Rapace in the distance, and we all fawned.

It was to be expected.

Finally, his security told us he would come to sign and take pictures, but he was on limited time. Once he showed up, the hours spent waiting in the cold seemed to disappear. That man… He’s just as handsome in person as you see him in movies. Once it was my turn, he took my DVD of Bronson… and proceeded to sign the actual CD. I can’t watch the movie ever again, but who cares? I think he realized what he had done and proceeded to take out the DVD cover to sign that as well. Then he says to me,

“Sorry I’m taking so long, buddy.”

If I had the ability to fly, I would have soared into the sky. I told him no worries, that I was on his time, and before I knew it he had to go. That man is amazing, charming, and so incredibly nice…he deserves all the fame coming to him.

Thanks to Jon for sharing his story! If you have a celebrity meeting you’d like to share with us, let us know via email at, we’d love to hear it!


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