Daniel Craig drops out of ‘The Whole Truth’, Boston filming postponed

daniel craig

We previously reported that Daniel Craig was headed to Salem, MA for The Whole Truth, a legal thriller with Craig portraying the role of a Lawyer.

Now however Daniel Craig has suddenly and without any reason dropped out of the project only days before filming was scheduled to begin in Boston.

What makes things even odder is the fact that Craig had been spotted in Boston over the weekend and was seen at Suffolk County Superior Court doing research for the role throughout the past month.

While the hunt is on for a new leading actor the production has been halted and will likely be postponed for a few weeks. Rene Zellweger and Gabriel Basso who were to star opposite Craig have stated that they plan to continue with the project.

Nicholas Kazan wrote the script, and Richard Suckle is producing, however a release date has yet to be confirmed, and now with their leading actor having abandoned ship this date is likely to also be postponed.




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