Emma Watson filming ‘Regression’ in Mississauga, ON


Yesterday,  Emma Watson began filming her next film project, Regression, in Ontario.

Thanks to a few of our amazing Twitter followers we’ve learned the movie is currently filming at a church on the UTM Campus in Mississauga and should be there through at least this evening.

The film, stars Watson along with Ethan Hawke who plays a father accused of a crime he has no memory of committing. Though it has not been confirmed, several media outlets are reporting Watson plays his daughter.

On Tuesday, Emma Tweeted, “First day shooting Regression today – a very cool birthday present xx.”

The movie is expected to continue filming through June 12.

If you spot Regression filming in Toronto and the surrounding areas this spring, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

UPDATE: See the comments below for clarification on where exactly they are filming and what the current set up is. If anyone knows were they will be next please chime in, we’d love to hear more, thanks!

UPDATE #2: Tomorrow (4/17) they are filming on Main St in Newmarket, ON.


  1. Incorrect, that church is not a part of UTM but right next door and is way older than the current campus as construction started in 1826 on that church. They are, however, using parking lot #11 and the parking lot at the alumni house near The Collegeway entrance. I know this because I went to the library on campus today.

    • OK, that makes sense, the way it was described it sounded like it was all part of the campus but I understand what you’re saying, thanks! Do you know if they will be back tomorrow?

  2. Hm I’ve been hearing conflicting things now. I have friends at UTM saying they will be back on campus tomorrow (the 18th) to film. Are you confident they’ll be in Newmarket?

  3. I talked with one of the guys there. They are filming in Newmarket today. (17 april) He said they may be back if the need to redo some scenes in the church. But never have any more information about it.

  4. Does anyone know if/where they will be filming today? if not today, the next time they will be filming in Toronto locations? Thanks!


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