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Every day I am asked dozens, sometimes hundreds, of questions by readers who are planning a celebrity-centric vacation – whether it’s for a week or just an afternoon. Though I don’t mind answering all of these questions, I’ve started thinking about more efficient ways to get the information into the hands of fans.

My first attempt at this was OLV’s NYC Field Guide, but that (obviously) only covers one city. So, for the past few months I’ve started to put together a more all-inclusive guide that will include the best experiences all pop culture fans should have at least once in their lives – like volunteering at a film festival, being a movie extra, being a seatfiller at an awards ceremony, or hanging out with the paparazzi at Sundance – as well as more general information about seeing stars, finding movies filming, or finding  events in other major cities around the U.S. and Canada.

I am confident this next guide will become a valuable resource for both casual travelers and diehard fans.

But, in order to see the project through to fruition, I need your help!

I have teamed up with Inkshares, an exciting new crowd-driven publishing platform, to get 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See into fans’ hands.

The money raised by backers will go toward finishing the book and actually publishing it (hard copies and ebooks). The catch is, if I don’t hit my goal, it won’t get published at all.

I launched the project last week but have yet to raise even $100, this doesn’t bode well for getting the full $4320 I need by June. So, I’ve decided to throw in a few extra incentives of my own (Inkshares’ incentives are an ebook for $10, a hard copy and ebook for $25, and three print books, an ebook, and an acknowledgment in the book).

Each person who gives $25 or more will receive a choice of one of the following (in addition to one ebook and one hard copy of the book):

– The Daily Filming Locations List sent to you privately one hour before it is made public each day for a month (of your choosing)

– DM, text, email, or private message alerts from me personally with any news I have about your favorite actor, TV show, movie franchise, etc. as soon as I get it for a month (of your choosing)

– A free copy of OLV’s NYC Field Guide

– An OLV button with a personal handwritten thank you note from me

– Entry into a contest for a $50 Amazon Gift Card

All I need is 165 people to back the book with $25.

With 50,000 Twitter followers you would think this would be easy, but you would be wrong. This means I am calling on my most loyal readers who might be thinking, “oh, someone else will back this” or “it’s OLV, they must have money”, to help out. Contrary to popular belief, I am just one person running OLV and I don’t make much money doing it so the funds raised here will be a huge help in getting this guide into your hands!

Learn more about the project in my previous post.

Back my upcoming book, 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See, at INKSHARES now!

*this offer has expired, see current incentives here.


  1. Hi Christine,

    I really appreciate your website and your plans for your new book. I would like to back you up with
    $25, but is it possible to send a hard copy of the book to the Netherlands?

    Greetz! Ilse

    • yes! it is! We can send it anywhere, that’s not a problem, thanks for the support, hope I can meet my goal and get it done, thanks!


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