Just added new incentives (for a limited time only!) for backing my next book project

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Two weeks ago I launched an Inkshares campaign to fund an all-inclusive travel guide featuring the best experiences pop culture fans should have at least once  – like volunteering at a film festival, being a movie extra, being a seatfiller at an awards ceremony, or hanging out with the paparazzi at Sundance – as well as more general information about seeing stars, finding movies filming, or finding celebrity events.

But, to get 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See into fans’ hands, I need help raising the funds to cover the cost of publishing.

Below are a few incentives I’m personally offering to OLV readers who back the project. Each person who gives $25 or more will receive a choice of one of the following (in addition to one ebook and one hard copy of the book)*:

– The Daily Filming Locations List sent to you privately one hour before it is made public each day for a month (of your choosing)

DM, text, email, or private message alerts from me personally with any news I have about your favorite actor, TV show, movie franchise, etc. as soon as I get it for a month (of your choosing)

– A free copy of OLV’s NYC Field Guide

– An OLV button with a personal handwritten thank you note from me

– Entry into a contest for a $50 Amazon Gift Card

In addition to these incentives, everyone who gives $25 or more between 4/25/14 and 4/30/14 will also be entered to win a $50 gift card to Creation Entertainment which can be redeemed for any of their event – including Star Trek, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf conventions – or merchandise, like celebrity autographs (yes, Creation’s events are included in 101 Places)! They will also receive a few OLV Stickers as a bonus!

Right now I only need 144 people to chip in $25 each!

Once I raise the needed amount, not only will I have the money necessary to finish this project but the book is guaranteed to be published! And, the book won’t just be a great guide for OLV readers when it is completed, the proceeds from the published book will also go back into the site to grow and improve it. It’s a win -win – win!

Time is running out so make your contribution now!

Back my upcoming book, 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See, at INKSHARES now!

*I will contact you within a week of your contribution to set these incentives.

* this offer has expired, please see current offers here.


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