More ‘Black Mass’ Boston filming locations in May, June, & July

The movie Black Mass is about to start shooting in Boston and we have more filming location details to share.

Johnny Depp will star in the film as the infamous mobster Whitey Bulger. Dakota Johnson, Juno Temple, Jesse Plemons, Joel Edgerton, and Guy Pearce will also appear.

In addition to the May 29 filming locations we announced yesterday, here are details for where they’ll be filming nine more dates in May, June, and July:

May 28: 170 I St, South Boston
May 28: 226 W Broadway, South Boston
June 3: 1663 Columbia Rd, Boston
June 12: Gold St and Dorchester St, South Boston
June 16 & 17: 111 G St, South Boston
June 18: D St and W 3rd St, South Boston
June 19: 751 E Broadway, South Boston
June 20: 95 C St, Boston
July 9: Fid Kennedy, Boston

Thanks Kellan for the info! If you have any scoop about Black Mass filming in Boston, let us know about it at!


  1. Any word on when Benedict Cumberbatch will be filming in Boston for this, since he’s taken Guy Pierce’s place as Billy Bulger?

      • I wouldn’t go THAT far. xD I don’t want to creep him out after all. I just want to meet him and have a friendly conversation. <3

      • I’m all down for stalking him! I’m guessing he won’t be there for the June 12th one because wasn’t he just in London like last week? that would seem like a super tight schedule…

  2. Any sightings of Patrick McCormick, the Producer?
    He is an old pal from college would like to say hello

  3. He (Johnny Depp) was in Lynn yesterday so how come they say Boston of his location? He was also at the Porthole Pub on the lynnway!! Someone is not telling us everything about his location!!!!!!

  4. They were also at the Lolita restaurant alley filming all morning yesterday…Not all is disclosed here, of course.

  5. Any word yet on whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch is in the area? I know he wasn’t two days ago but that may have changed as of yesterday. I don’t know.

      • I don’t think he’s getting off a plane at Logan. He’ll probably do what Depp did and take a small plane to a smaller, less crowded airport. I didn’t see any pix of Depp when he showed up in MA out of nowhere so I’m only assuming the same would be true for Benedict.

  6. he was in Lynn yesterday for 16 hrs . On union street, they were doing a police station scene. They made the streets look like winter, with Christmas trees ect
    wish I can post the pics here

  7. is there anyone going to the June 16&17th set in Boston? Please let me know! Thank you! Really want to know if Johnny Depp is showing up!

  8. I was at the Gold/Dorchester Streets site on the 12th and nada. Feeling kind of let down here, especially since I live in Quincy and didn’t find out about the filming on E Squantum Street til the day after.

  9. I know Benedict’s here….but does anybody know if he’s filming at all these locations this week? I’d hate to take a whole day off from work & go in on Friday & find out he’s already left…..

    • How do you know he’s here already? I’m going to look around tomorrow. You’re free to join me. Anyone is really. I will let everyone know what I find. If anything!

      • Oh, I’m definitely going into Boston tomorrow to scope out the scene and see if there’s any possibility of meeting him during breaks in filming. πŸ™‚ Anyone have any idea what time filming is taking place tomorrow on G Street?

  10. Hey there !

    I planne to go to Boston this week (from thursday to sunday ). Does anyone know if Johnny Depp will be on the set ?

    Thanks a lot !

  11. Is G Street a bad area? That’s where filming is taking place tomorrow and I’m scared because, you know… South Boston. =_=

  12. Don’t bother going to G Street today. I’m here now and someone just told me Benedict isn’t gonna be on set today.

  13. Does anyone know, if I go sometime after work this week, will they still be filming? Sometime starting after 3pm? Trying to catch just a glimpse of Mr. Depp πŸ™‚

  14. For tomorrow I have listed D St and W 3rd St, South Boston, the exact address is 146 W 3rd St which is basically the same, 146 W 3rd is right near D St. (if that clears up any confusion).

    • Hi,do you know where Benedict will be on Monday or Tuesday? I went to Harvard Club and G St to see him but always missed him. Please please please let me know their location on Monday or Tuesday if you know. Thank you very very much!

  15. Does anyone know for sure where Mr Cumerbatch will be tomorrow or Friday, or possibly the rest of today? Thanks!

    • That’s what I’m looking for, specifically, where Benedict will be on Friday. But I don’t suppose anybody knows for sure except the people filming.

  16. I am also interested in where Mr Cumberbatch may be on Friday – if anyone has information, please post. I am a huge fan and would love to say hello (in a non-creepy manner).

  17. I wonder if they are filming in two places (Boston and Lynn) since not all actors are in the same scenes. I did hear that they would be back in Lynn to film at some point.

    And I’d love to be in the email group for politely “stalking” Benedict. πŸ™‚

  18. LYNN is kind of far for me to go since I live around Newton. Hopefully anyone can tell me if there is shooting in South Boston for this week, either Benedict or Depp come, I will go to see.

    Anyone interested to go with me please send me email

    thank you very much!

  19. I saw Johnny Depp today on G st. coming out of the house in which they were filming He will be on East Broadway st in Southie on Thursday and on D st tomorrow. He spoke to us, very nice guy!

    • Oh! Lucky you !!

      So it is for sure that he will show up on set!

      Thank you very much for the information!

      Do you know what time for the shooting? or it is all day?

      • I saw him around 10 am He comes and films and then leaves sometimes and comes back Most of the filming occurs all day long! He posed for a pic but my camera malfunctioned AAARRGGHHH Can you believe that!!!

  20. Anyone going today? I’ll be in Southie around 2:45pm if anyone is interested in meeting up! Hope Johnny Depp’s still there!!

    • Hi Kevin

      Glad to hear you guys met up

      I will be in Southie tomorrow around 10AM I think they will be filming on East Broadway! If anyone else is going

  21. I went today. I saw Joel Edgerton but no one else. I talked with a nice man who was part of the crew and he said no Benedict for the rest of the week and that Johnny would be at the E Broadway location tomorrow. He said that the call for the crew tomorrow 9:30am so actors should get there probably like between 11-12 and that they’re filming all day.

    • I’m honestly not going to trust a thing the crew says about Benedict not being around on-set for the rest of the week. I was told something similar yesterday and decided to leave the set early to go home and then today, I find out he was spotted on-set AGAIN at some point after I left. Here is where I found that info:

      So, I’m going to be checking E. Broadway set tomorrow regardless, and I’m not leaving. I’m not going to be rude to the crew, but I am not leaving the general vicinity of the set because if Benedict was on G Street two days in a row on days when he was not intended to be there and especially on a day when I was directly told he WOULDN’T be there, who’s to say he won’t be there again tomorrow? I’m not missing a single opportunity that is presented to me until I see with absolutely certainty that he is not showing up.

      • High Five Samantha! That’s the right attitude. I am going CRAZY knowing he is so close but I can’t do anything about it. I’m literally two weeks from a vacation in London and I can’t take any additional time off work so I have to wait until Saturday and go anywhere and everywhere. I was REALLY hoping to run into him somewhere while on my vacation but it seems he’ll be here. =/ Saturday will be my only chance until next weekend when I guess I could go up again if necessary!

  22. Oh, and I think you are right about the crew. Back when they were filming in the North End, I was told they would be there filming again the next day — and they weren’t. Sometimes the crew just doesn’t know what’s up.

  23. Hoping they will be out filming somewhere on Saturday as that is the earliest I can get up to Boston from Rhode Island. Looking for Benedict (for me) and Depp (For my friend)

  24. I’ll be at the e Broadway site sometime after noonish. I hope Benedict and Johnny are there!

    But it was really boring watching the filming on w3rd street today, though I met some really nice people.

    After I went to the G Street site and construction work was going on in the house.

  25. Thanks to all for posting info….please continue. Anybody with info about Friday’s shooting, that would be great!

  26. I am here. The correct address they are filming at today is 787 E Broadway, South Boston. Took me forever to find it.

  27. Good news! Benedict will be at the Harvard Club on Commonwealth Ave on June 24th! His official start on the film is Monday, and this is where he will be filming on Tuesday. Source: a very kind crew member just told me when he saw me waiting in the hot sun. πŸ™‚

  28. Ok, so if Benedict is starting on the film on Monday, then he should be at Monday’s shoot in Lynn, right? If you could confirm that, it would be great!

  29. Thanks for the info, everyone. πŸ™‚ It has been quite helpful so far. It would be fun to meet some of you as well, although I don’t know how we would know each other. How many people have been haunting around, trying to catch glimpses of them ? I’ll be around hopefully starting Friday.

      • I’ll be poking around C Street tomorrow. I lived on West Broadway years ago so I’ll have breakfast there, walk about and see if anyone turns up. Disappointing news about Benedict. I would have loved to thank him for his work.

        • No kidding…but who really knows? He apparently showed up Tuesday when he wasn’t expected. He’s got to be somewhere in Boston, after all…..I doubt he’s sitting in his hotel room all day. Figure it’s worth checking out, anyway. What’s that area like? (I’m ignorant as hell; from the suburbs)

          • Parking is hard so stick to side streets. There are some nice restaurants and cafes. You can get your nails done up the street. C street is a bit grittier than East Broadway. It sounds like it might be at a garage. It’s not super residential if I recall

              • Mul’s is a great diner. The movie Southie with Donnie Wahlberg was filmed there. And the sushi place across from the T stop is where Whitey’s bar Triple O’s was located.

                • Well, if anybody from here ends up at C street tomorrow, I’ll be wearing an old orange & blue Rolling Stones concert shirt from 1989. You won’t be able to miss it.. . πŸ™‚

  30. Hey Samantha! U still wait at the place that you posted earlier? Did anyone show up? If it is possible that I think I can go there in an hour.

  31. To anyone that is on set today on E Broadway, do you know if Julianne Nicholson is called today? I know she was on set yesterday shooting. I’m a big fan and would love to know if she’s around again today. Thank you!

  32. If anyone from the Baltimore/Washington, D.C./Delaware/New Jersey/New York City area is considering traveling up to Boston (would driving be cheapest if cost split among fans?) for this Benedict C filming funfest and could use like minded fan to share travel and/or hotel expenses & the joy of seeing BC live, give me a holler. I’m thinking about going, but I don’t know if it’s something folks in other states would travel that far to see or if this event is more appropriate for just local folks to enjoy.

  33. No way! Bc is here now at the set?!

    I was busy with something else so that I could not be there earlier. Now having lunch and not sure it is still worth to go today. Or I should just wait till tomorrow with the rest of you guys?!

  34. Thank you Joanne! For letting me know about it!

    I will go tomorrow then, to check the shooting on c street.

    Anyone going?

  35. Joanne:

    So he was only there for 15 mins? Bollox! If you don’t mind my asking how his demenour seemed? Did he greet any fans or address those of you that were there at all? And most importantly, any idea if he might be drop by later!? (From crew, etc. perhaps?) Apolgies for all the questions! Just eager to see him in a restive manner to his job and craft! Thanks!

  36. One of the neighbors said he got there around 1:15, 1:30ish and waved and went in the house. Then one of the actresses left in costume and a few minutes later he came out. I think he was in feeding lines to her (he’s known for doing that when he’s not busy). He walked around and talked to the crew for a few then walked to a van and got in. He was waving to fans from both outside and inside the van but didn’t come over to chat (there was a camera guy from channel 7 there and a paparazzi (who was actually kinda nice) standing right there which could explain that). Then he left in the van and waved some more.

    He was probably there for an hour or so? But he’s not confirmed to start filming until next week.

  37. Oh yeah. Wearing a dark blue polo shirt and the damn white flat cap (someone in line with us called it a scolley/scully cap and I will admit I squeed a bit) and carrying his khaki fabric messenger bag.

  38. Ok it may have been Julianne Nicholson he was inside with since he’s worked with her before. So far all the Southie sites have been inside.

    Where on Comm Ave is the Harvard Club? I may go to the C Street site tomorrow.

  39. Is Johnny Depp on set now at 787 E Broadway, South Boston ?
    Does anybody know what hotel or home he is staying at?

  40. Dang, not confirmed until next Tuesday. I really wish I could call out sick from work. I wonder if its even worth going up on Saturday. (Coming from Providence area with two friends) Doesn’t seem like they will be filming. If anyone who goes out tomorrow can find out and post, that would be so awesome. You are all so lovely!

  41. If anybody would like to meet up tomorrow, i’m not sure what i’ll be wearing, but i’m gonna be with 3 other people. I have a bright pastel purple purse that i’m bringing with me and i’m rather short and i look like i could be 15 but i’m actually 18. i’ll be with 2 girls & a guy who looks like a girl (its true…).

    we’re gonna get into the city probably by 9:30/10:00 depending on traffic and T travel time and will probably stay there for most of the day. πŸ™‚

  42. JK i’m currently on East Broadway at the library with my 3 friends, we’re gonna keep working our way around. Where are you?

  43. Corner of c street and west 7th. Near west 7th mini market. I can wait here for you. Wearing shorts, black purse, carrying water bottle (female).

  44. i’m at yesterdays movie set at 787 e broadway right now & watching but right now theyre leaving so we’re gonna try to follow xD

  45. I’m wondering if it is a night shoot. All the production truck were still at East Broadway and they were taking things out of the house.

  46. Hi JK, Amy, & Alyssa!

    I was wondering if there’s any action on C Street right now. Or are the production trucks heading there?

  47. Nothing is happening on C Street. It’s completely empty. I’m heading over to the last location just to take a peek.

  48. Hey Alyssa!

    We’re parked by the production trucks and waiting to see where they lead us. Any info on the last truck that left?

  49. I just got back up here so i dont know where the other truck went. i’m standing on the corner right now i’m in a group of 4

  50. I can’t see you. If the truck heads out too far then we’re going back to C Street just in case. I’m going to be at Harvard Club on Tuesday as well.

  51. I’m still at Starbucks charging my phone (near T Stop). As soon as I’m done charging, I’ll head back to C street. You still there, Violette?

  52. 146 w3rd street was where they were filming Wednesday. But no Depo or Cumberbatch. I think people saw Joel Edgerton though.

  53. The G Street site is #111 and it’s way down by M Street on the other side of Telegraph Hill. You couldn’t see it from Dorchester Street.

  54. Don’t think so but someone said it looked like they were setting up at the w3rd site.

    Just replying to a comment from someone who said they were on Dorchester Street and couldn’t see any filming on G street. You wouldn’t be able to see anything at the G Street site unless you were up on Telegraph Hill or further down on M Street.

    I was there Wednesday and there was construction going on in the house.

    • I wonder where in Everett ? I have been following this on my computer and you guys must all have smart phones ! I don’t ! Is anyone going up there ? I’m in Charlestown right now.

  55. Yeah. The crew said they’d be back to filming in Boston on Monday. Nevertheless, we’re going to do one more quick drive by C Street.

  56. What do you all think about Monday in Lynn? It’s going to be a big shoot. Closing off streets all day to recreate the parade. Personally, I think it’s likely that BC would be there considering he plays a politician. This is only a guess, but we were told BC officially starts on set next week and that he would be at Harvard Club on tues, but why not Lynn the day before?

    • I would go try to see that on Monday in Lynn, but no idea where to go or how close we might be able to get to something.

  57. My friends and i are pretty much giving up. We’re gonna go into the city & who knows maybe Benedict will be out and about

  58. I understand they already have the parade extras, too. But I’m considering taking off Monday from work. Permits are pulled, parking band in place… so it’s happening. Just not sure BC will be there.

  59. well if some of you want to get together on Monday and have a look, I’d be in. Too bad there seems to be nothing today, unless they’re in Everett today (who knows where).

  60. I wish we knew for sure if BC is in the parade scene. I think I’m giving up and heading home. Glad I already had the day off anyway. What a bust.

  61. no one is going to try Everett, if that’s where the crew said they were filming (presumably today) ? Too hard to try to find something ?

  62. Nothing on C street. I came in by train this time, so I’m on foot. I’m not going to Everett. Good luck to those who do. Post here!

  63. The security is really tight though. Nobody is supposed to be here I think, so we’re going home. But hey, maybe the auburn haired guy that I saw walking was BC.

  64. I suggest that none of us go because the security guards are eyeing us and pointing to our car. It’s in a warehouse and the entrance is wide open but they don’t look too friendly.

  65. That’s a bummer. I wonder if they scrapped the C street locale for this since both are a warehouse. Sorry I missed meeting everyone. I think I need BC to leave Boston. He makes me want to bunk work and stake out film sets.

    • Amy, I feel the same way. It’s driving me nuts that he is so close. I am actually bailing on two birthday parties tomorrow to wander around Boston for the SLIM CHANCE I run into him some place.

      ..this man!

        • VV I have no other choice! I work M-F and can’t take ANY time off work right now because Im about to go to England for two weeks. This movie has terrible timing :p

          • Im heading in with two friends. We have no set plans right now. Sort of playing it by ear but I assume we’ll get downtown around 12.

            • Dana, aww, poor you for the work situation ! Want to meet up for a bit and commiserate ? If not, that’s OK… but it would also be great to know where would be someplace good to look for a few new clothes / tops. Or if anyone else has any tips on that, it would be great too. I’m on foot, and in Charlestown right now. Email: lstjrbf

              • Eek sorry, just seeing this now. I was asleep! 😑 I guess I wasnt clear..I am going downtown today around 12noon not last night.

  66. On train headed home. We were all in the same places at the same time but never ran into each other! Would like to have said hello in person. Maybe Monday!

  67. The Monday site in Lynn is ginormous and they’ve got all the streets around shut down.

    I’d suggest taking the commuter rail (Rockport line) and walking. It’s only a few blocks.

    BC will most likely be there because Billy Bulger was a Southie politician and they all go to the St. Paddy’s Day parade.

    Kind of goes with the job.

  68. That’s been my gut feeling all along, that Ben would start on Monday in Lynn at the parade. I wonder if we’ll be able to see anything. Or if they would keep the crowds blocked off in such a way that you can’t even watch. I want to be an extra!

  69. I wanted to go to the casting call they had for extras but I was on crutches on at the time and it would have involved the T, shuttle busses (freaking red line shutdowns) walking and a lot of waiting around.

    Maybe on 2 good feet but not after surgery πŸ™

    • if anyone needs to post pics you can email me at and I can add them for you here, too, thanks! And thanks for the follow up and updates, is it possible they are filming later on C St? I don’t know for sure but sometimes movies film late into night on Fridays because they have sat. off (its just an idea)…

  70. Major disappointment on C St. today. I’m going to be closely following all of your comments here with hope in my heart, and perhaps an opportunity will fall into the right time in my schedule. πŸ™‚

  71. I checked the Everett location tonight, there was a whole bunch of old cars and they filmed some cars and broken glass but no big actors tonight, we were told though that shooting in Lynn on Monday will start in the morning before 10

  72. Can I get an opinion? If you were looking for BC and only had one day to take off work, would you go to Lynn on Monday or to the Harvard Club on Tuesday for the day? Though the filming is outside in Lynn, I’ve just printed a map and highlighted the road closures and the streets with traffic control. If they don’t let foot traffic onto Union or Mount Vernon Streets (they may not), we won’t see anything at all. And the actors could arrive on set from either end of the streets, so you might miss them coming and going. I believe they already have all their extras. If anyone who is an “extra” is reading this, maybe you could share with us when you are supposed to show up, etc.

    • Honestly, you’d be better off trying on Tuesday at the Harvard Club if you want to try spotting Benedict. There is no guarantee he’s gonna be at the shoot on Monday, to my knowledge.

  73. ThThe extras needs to be there at 530 am the shooting starts at 6 am shooting ends at 11pm and if ur an extra u need to take 3 diff outfiys of that era

  74. I’m figuring the Monday shoot would be better. It will be outside, and Billy Bulger most def would have been at that parade. Attending the Southie SPD parade is still pretty much a requirement for all Boston politicians.

    It’s just going to be such a huge set is all.

    The Harvard Club on Tuesday you might catch him going in in the morning or coming out when he’s done but that’s it.

  75. I stopped by corner of Exchange and Union Streets in Lynn this afternoon as laborers were busy painting and hanging banners in order to recreate a St. Paddy’s Day parade in Boston sometime in the 70’s. I don’t live very far from that location, so I will be there during filming on Monday.

  76. So….definitely had a successful day. Ran into Benedict on Newbury Street. Minor panic attack, calmed down with some sangria and eventually got the courage to tell him hello. He looked me right in the eye and talked to me. Literally dying. We had just about given up on finding him and then there he was. He’s just as pretty in person as he is in the photos. The hat gave him away though. I knew what to look for and I had my Cumbysense on high alert. Perfect day! Good luck to all who venture out to the set.

  77. Dana,
    Good for you! I really thought it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Boston is small, but not that small. I think you did the impossible! I just about had a heart attack reading your post. Did you get a picture? I’m happy for you!

  78. They have a tent up on federal street in Lynn. It’s so dark in there that u won’t be able to know they’ rthere.. lol I noticed cause I was driving slow check my phone .. its so cool

    • On FEDERAL Street? That’s far from where they are shooting. Way over on the other side of the Commons. Seems unusual, doesn’t it?

  79. Kelly, Ben’s actually KNOWN for being friendly with fans and happy to chat and take pictures with them off set.

    It’s when he’s working that he’s said it can be annoying. I say good for Dana, she was nice, polite and didn’t get all creepy about it.

    STALKING is what happened to David Letterman and it was scary and ended up in court.

    Dana was just having one fun day out with her friends. That is not stalking and you’re demeaning the experiences of anyone who truly has been stalked.

  80. Hey! Is anyone going to Lynn today, for the big parade scene? I’ll be there pretty early to try and catch an certain actor before he arrives πŸ™‚

  81. I will be there today, coral top, yellow sweater and pants (I’m a gal). I do not have a smart phone, so once I am away from my computer here, I won’t be able to see peoples’ comments or post. If anyone sees me, feel free to say hi. Not sure how busy it will be. Sounds like a large area. Tips on good location to go to ?

  82. Very few places to watch. They kicked us off Mount Vernon where the parade is lining up. They’re practicing with the parade and band. Tent over near Blake Street.

  83. I heard that the parade will take place on Market St? Not sure if this is true though. So, is Blake Street a good viewing spot?

  84. I’m headed out now. I’ll be in the area about 11:30 am, then I’m not sure where it’s best to go. Say hi if anyone spots me… no smart phone here, so I can’t follow the site once I leave here …. coral top, yellow sweater and pants.

  85. I can confirm that Ben and Depp are on site. They are filming many takes of the parade. No dialogue fiong that I can tell. Ben is carrying a baton in the parade.

  86. andI saw jdepp his trailer is in the parking lot near the clinic . I was ten feet away and they kicked us out we was too close . Security is tight. They keep cutting and shooting the scene over and over . I left

  87. All the actors just left. The crew said they don’t know if they’re coming back or not. At least BC waved directly at me! Maybe we’ll be even luckier tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Was he in costume the entire time? I’ll be watching this space tomorrow. Work is craptastic right now. I’ll see about getting there.

  88. Dang it! Just Finished my appointment and was going to head over. πŸ™
    Is anyone going tomorrow? or is anyone traveling from the North Shore to Boston?

  89. I met Benedict! I got to shake his hand and tell him hello, nice job today. I asked him for a picture but he said he was sorry, he couldn’t. I told him I understood. He was very nice. And sweaty. He looked very tired and hot from the heat today. So happy!

    • Wow JK, that’s neat ! How did you manage that and what time was that ? Where I was, they wouldn’t let people more than about 20 feet from them. I left around 6 pm, when it looked like Benedict was done with the parade scenes.

      • yes I’d be curios to know how you managed this awesomeness as well! Did a lot of people get to shake his hand or were you just at the right place at the right time?

    • AHHHH THAT’S AWESOME!!!!! πŸ˜€ I hope I’m that lucky tomorrow at the Harvard Club. Although, he’ll be filming mostly interior scenes as far as I know, so I might not be… We’ll see how it goes. <3

  90. A good day. I got plenty of views of BC and a couple of Johnny Depp from two different locations. They were there filming both before and after their lunch break.

  91. Filming at Harvard Club in Boston tomorrow. I was told they would be back, at some point, to film more scenes in Lynn. Beyond tomorrow, they didn’t know (at least the person I talked to). She said that they don’t tell them much more than a day or two ahead of time.

  92. I met him at the end of his shooting. Basically, I got there very, very early in the morning and checked out the entire set before the heavy security was in place. I was on filming street, kind of opposite from where the tents and trailers were. We were up against a building in an alcove and being quiet and respectful. The security guard was actually very nice to us because we were being so good and told us we could stay if we were quiet. The office manager of the building also said it was cool we could stay and let us into her building to watch through the glass. There were some very obnoxious girls who kept trying to walk down the street and kept getting in the shot (i.e. not listening). Security had a real hard time with them and eventually kept pushing people further and further back. We stayed put and were quiet.

    Eventually, we had to clear the street and we watched from inside the building. The security guard was funny because he knew two of us were Depp fans and two were Cumberbatch fans so if I wasn’t paying attention and Benedict was there, he would gently tap on the glass for me and then point at Ben and I would give him a thumbs up.

    Watched the parade over and over. Benedict didn’t come down as far as us, but we could see him about 40 feet away or so. There was a “stand-in” for him, too, so when Benedict wasn’t in a shot, or they needed someone for framing, the stand in was in. At the end of the day, the stand in did most of the shots because they were filming the back end that we couldn’t see (with Depp). Then Benedict did the parade two more times. He was funny. Doing a little jig as he marched. While he was waiting, he held the baton and was doing little kicks, like one of the Rockette’s. When he wasn’t shooting, he usually went back over to the black tent (probably to watch what was just filmed). He flipped the firefighters off on the truck as it rolled by and they were like, “Did he just flip us off?” and started laughing.

    I did see Johnny Depp a few times (he also had a stand-in dressed just like him), but usually just as he crossed the road to go back to the tent or his trailer.

    When they wrapped the parade stuff, we went outside and were just standing there, talking to security. The vans pulled up, presumably to take the actors away. Benedict was standing in the street, taking off his jacket — it was HOT outside and everyone was dressed in the parade for March weather. The security guard kind of motioned for me to go over. I hesitated at first, but he was motioning me as if to say, ‘I can’t walk you over, and I can’t tell you to go, but I won’t stop you, either.’ By this time, the other Benedict fan had already left, and the other two were Depp fans. So I slowly walked over. He was talking to two of the people in the band and shaking hands, so I just waited, patiently. His back was to me, and I just said, “Excuse me, Ben.” And I have no idea why I called him that. Like I know him! It’s Benedict! But we had been referring to him like that all day, so it just slipped out. He turned around and I just said that I just wanted to come over, say hello and shake his hand and he said, “Oh, hello” and shook my hand. I told him he did a nice job today and he thanked me and asked me if I was part of the crew. I told him that I had been watching from a building and then I asked if it would be possible to take a picture. He said “I’m sorry — the crowd — I can’t” and I told him that I understood. It’s blurry whether he said “It’s nice to meet you” or if I did. See how fast you forget. Cumberflustered. At least I got a handshake. To my knowledge, I was the only fan, other than the extras, who got to meet him. And I do know how incredibly lucky I was today.

    Good luck to everyone else! I had a wonderful day! Benedict is very nice. He looked very tired and he was very sweaty! I can tell you that he has a nice handshake and just as good looking in person.

  93. I thought of that after you left and thought is swing by on my way home but I was too Cumberflustered. :). I shook his hand. Squeeeee!!!

  94. Please ignore than last post. It was a text to a friend and I accidentally posted it here. As I said, Cumberflustered and tired.

    Violette, I think I stayed until about 6:00 or 6:30 or so. Long day.

  95. JK, wow, great write up ! Good for you ! Thanks for telling us about it ! It sounds like you did a lot of scoping things out and build some good rapport with the security guard, so that wasn’t all luck !! I had a bit of luck myself. I was nice to the people around me, including the police in the initial spots I was in, and he let me take a couple pictures even though I wasn’t supposed to in that spot. In my later location, I was talking to several of the people around me. They were almost all Johnny Depp fans, but the two gals next to me knew that I was looking to spot Benedict and they were great about telling me “there he is !” and they spotted him even when I didn’t and pointed him out to me. πŸ™‚ Being nice to people around you is fun and can also be helpful. πŸ™‚ Johnny Depp was very responsive. Whenever fans yelled at him, he’d pose and / or wave. At one point, he said “I love you” to us fans … ha ha. Benedict also did a wave to us at one point when people reacted to seeing him, waving with both hands from behind a sideways-parked car, similar to his U2 photobomb pose.

  96. VV, sounds like you had a great day, too. There really wasn’t a good vantage point from anywhere, but we did ok. Being nice and respectful always helps. We weren’t supposed to take pictures, either, but the security guard was cool with it, as long as we were discreet. My pictures are zoomed and a little blurry, so they are not great, but a momento from the day.

  97. In the last two locations where I spent most of my time today, which was by their parked cars and RVs when they came back after filming shots, then later where Benedict was being filmed marching with his stick in the parade, they allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted. I think I got some good ones. I haven’t looked yet. Mine are zoomed too, but I have a decent camera with a telephoto lens, 10x zoom (not as close a zoom as I would like, but pretty good). At one point when Benedict was marching along with his stick, I swore he looked right at us and posed and held a hand up as if waving right to us. πŸ™‚ I’m sure he was aware that several of us were taking pictures. I tried to get my camera to click but it wouldn’t, argh ! When it’s fully zoomed out, it’s not always cooperative about focusing. It would have been such a great shot ! I felt a bit papparazzi-ish taking those pictures at times, but no one objected and Benedict didn’t look like he minded either. πŸ™‚

  98. VV, I can tell you that he DID wave to you guys over there. I was watching him from the other side and I saw him turn and wave (the two-handed). He did that on purpose. You were not imagining it. I mostly used my iPhone because my other camera is not discreet!

  99. oh and it was a really nice woman (a major Benedict fan) that I was talking to at the one location that told me about the second location and we both went there together when the filming and extras shuffled away from the spot we were in. We were even closer in distance to Benedict there in that second spot and saw him more there. I hope the pictures turn out. That was right at the end of his day, by the sound of it, finishing around 6 pm.

  100. they will probably be doing set up around 7am, may not start shooting til 9 or 10am.
    i’m guessing at this. last june i was in L.A. to see them shoot an episode of Dexter. The crew was there in the am, the actors didn’t show up til about 10am. they shot til about 2pm, lunch, then returned for the rest of the day. shooting didn’t end til 9pm.
    i think this location may be a bit tricky regarding camp-out areas, just because of how comm. ave is. it’s really only up and down the street and as others have said, they keep you FAR away from where shooting is taking place. plus, you’re on a major street w/highway so it’s not like we can go across the street. not sure how this will work.
    ideas, anyone?

  101. I was also at the parade today but did not get a good vantage point. Did you guys get tons of pictures? I sadly couldn’t… Anyway, do you guys know if Benedict will be filming in Lynn again? I’ll be stalking this website for news so please let me know πŸ™‚

    • Hi Thuly,
      I got a fair number of pictures, but some were not exactly close up.
      Your comment reminds me that I asked someone how they had known where the filming would be, hoping to get more clues as to where to find out about future filming locations and dates. She told me that the mayor of Lynn has been posting them on her Facebook page. I did a quick Google search and maybe there’s some more info about filming in Lynn on her page. I haven’t checked the page yet and I’m not sure if she’ll post more filming dates or not :

      I had heard from someone that they *would* be doing more filming in Lynn, but I can’t confirm that. I can’t recall who said that, but not a crew person.

      • Thanks VV! I will definitely keep an eye out and will share here any news since I live in Lynn. I will be working tomorrow so good luck to all who will be in Boston tomorrow πŸ™‚

  102. Is anyone at the Harvard Club site yet? Do you think it’s worth a shot to go? I know they’re doing inside filming, and the location seems a bit tough to get a good vantage point of the actors.

    • I’m here. Benedict just arrived maybe ten minutes ago. I’m hoping he comes out at some point so I can give him the drawing I made for him lol

      • Did you get a good spot to see him come in? I’m at work, at Harvard of all places, and I am here at least until 2pm.

        • I sure did. I was standing right near the entrance to the parking lot at the back of the club when the van pulled in. He was maybe 10 feet away or less and he looked right at me.

  103. Amy, I just saw that our quotes did make the Herald’s Inside Track. Too funny. I’m at work and I can’t even function today. Hope some of you get to see him today.

  104. If you are on set today can you try to find out what may be happening in the next few days? I’d heard that they would be shooting scenes with BC this weekend but haven’t been able to find out location information. If anything is happening tomorrow I could make it…was working yesterday, and again today. Thanks for any tips, good luck, and have fun!

  105. Phew, who knew one mans presence in a city could be so damn distracting ?? Sure wish I was working in my Boston office today. It’s on Berkely! Sending lots of luck out to anyone going today.

  106. Im in Concord- would love to know if anyone has scoped out maybe where BC is staying, hanging out? I saw on Instagram a pic someone had of him just hanging out alone in a bar… Id just love to see him in the flesh and take a pic (not necessarily interfere with his personal space or quiet time ya know) or even with him but anyway- if anyone knows or wants to meet up maybe Fri let me know πŸ™‚

  107. I just got back from the Harvard Club. They r there filming inside. Not much happening outside when I was there. I heard they will be there until 6:30pm.

  108. They are probably trying to conserve their phone batteries.

    Amy, my pictures from yesterday were not great — just taken with my iPhone.

  109. Any info on tomorrow’s schedule? I really tried to find out for you all but they said they don’t know much beyond a day in advance (at least the security).

  110. I just left the area. On the Commonwealth Ave. side they have a bunch of old cars from the 70’s parked. A security guard also said they would be filming there tomorrow too.

  111. OK, the Herald referring to this site as a “Cumberstalk” site and us as stalkers is insulting and ignorant. No wonder Ben isn’t being his normal outgoing, happy to take pointybatch pictures with people.

  112. I wasn’t dissing you Amy it was directed at the Herald. Calling this place a “Cumberstalk site” and his fans “stalkers” is just plain ignorant.

  113. Amy and Joanne: seriously? Excellent journalism Herald. We are just excited fans who want to see someone we admire! He’s never been here to film before. It really is insulting and frankly quite hurtful.

  114. Is anyone still at the harvard club? Has BC been spotted again? I am planning to head over soon, if they’re still there! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  115. We walked around for a while at the Harvard Club today, saw some old cars, talked to a couple of nice security folks and film crew. Everything was inside, and I wasn’t able to stay until late. Good luck everyone!

    And they will be filming there again tomorrow.

  116. My friend volunteers at a preschool over by the Berkeley Street/Columbus Ave site and said one of the trailers in the parking lots had “William Bulger” on the side.

    • Love him!!!!!!!!!! Nicole, I a huge fan. Got to actually meet him in Southie; nice guy. However, in his Whitey makeup, I didn’t feel as though I was actually meeting him if you know what I mean

      • hi im from bulgaria and have beed Johnny Depp fan for many years -its my dream to see him in person!!! Did you see him?????I am going to Boston thursday do you know where they will be filming????

  117. Katy, HOW did you meet him??? You have to spill the beans now, lol. I would act normal (don’t want to scare the guy) but inside I’d be FREAKIN out.

    • It was by accident, as most things are lol I was walking up G st in Southie to take a few pics of the filming location. He walked out of the house in which they had just filmed a scene. He only had to guys with him because there was no crown. It was around 10AM I said hello Johnny and he said “How are you?” Then he gave me a light hug. It was unbelievable. Nice guy he is!!

        • We might head over there tomorrow. If not, I am working until next Monday. Not sure what’s up with the filming for next week

  118. Why does it seem like Johnny’s having a lot more fun filming here than Ben? He’s hugging people and taking pictures with them while Ben seems to be trying to hide πŸ™

    • I think it’s because Benedict has a very avid fan base in comparison to Johnny’s. I mean, Johnny has an avid fan base too, but Benedict’s fans tend to be very loud and can, unfortunately, be very disruptive. I can’t really blame him for not wanting to deal with those kinds of fans while he is trying to work.

  119. Does anyone know where they’ll be filming this weekend (6/28 & 6/29)? I’d love to make the 2 &1/2 hr drive for the chance to see Johnny & Benedict!

  120. I just wish Ben was having a better time. There’s so much to do and see here – can you imagine him on a Duck Boat tour? I’d love to see him do that. Just relaxing and enjoying himself.

    But then again with the Herald referring to us (his fans) as stalkers (not to mention some Rebecca [Eaton I think] from Masterpiece Theater) how can he.

    Though I will admit there have been some kind of creepy posts on tumblr from fans desparate to meet him.

    • I’d say Benedict is having a fun time. He’s only been filming for 2 days. He was smiling today. He’s in a city he doesn’t know. Maybe he didn’t expect fans here. I’ll admit, I thought I was one of like 20 in the area!

    • I’m a BC fan in Baltimore thinking about taking the trip to Boston. Are you looking for anyone to share travel expenses on your drive up from Maryland?

        • I’m open. I hadn’t decided on what days. I was hoping to be able to ascertain the best days to see Ben filming and go up there if it doesn’t get too complicated or crazy expensive. Checking flights & hotels, it seems as if Boston, though close, is fairly costly. I’m trying to find out if my sister-in-law’s relatives in Boston have a spare room & would be willing to put me up. I don’t know them, but I can ask. I’m thinking like minded people, success in numbers might be a better way to go rather than wander around on my own. Are your plans solid, based on any of his scheduled filming, or are you playing it by ear? I work in downtown Baltimore if you would like to confer. Thanks.

          • I was thinking about going up next week.. since I have the long weekend off from work, and there’s probably a better chance of seeing Ben filming too. My email address is I feel it might be easier to chat on there!

  121. Does anyone know if they are filming this weekend? or next? would love to go watch. huge JD fan. Aslo love watching them film movies. keep me informed please πŸ™‚

  122. Just met up with someone outside who said she spotted a tall man from the back wearing navy blue polo and white flat cap. Also spoke to lighting guy who says BC is inside

  123. No confirmation on actors for tomorrow. Re: today, Teamsters say lunch break at 1:30 if they are running on time. BC should be out then…we shall see

  124. What movie is being filmed on Ocean St/Roslyn St in Dorchester? I noticed “Do not park/Film Production” signs posted yesterday and the trailors have began moving in on the block. It’s the second time within a year or so that corner house or streets have been used.

  125. Would they be filming on Friday, July 4, or no way because of the holiday and the crowds normally in Boston for July 4?

      • Thank you. I guessed not, but just in case. When Ladder 49 was filmed in Baltimore, they seemed to break every rule and film weekends, holiday I think–whenever they felt like–all night.

  126. For those who are thinking about traveling from distances, I just want you to be careful because it’s been hit or miss and locations aren’t really a sure thing until a day or two ahead. To my knowledge, there isn’t any filming over the weekends (I’m sure it’s a union thing). Maybe someone here can confirm that. Depp and his girlfriend have been visiting each other on their sets (she’s filming in NY), so it’s possible Depp will be in NY, rather than Boston this weekend. Last Friday was a bust for me. They weren’t filming where they said and when they were filming in the warehouse in Everett, it was just scenes without the actors (from what I understand). So… I’m not telling anyone not to travel, but just to keep that in mind. I would just hate for anyone to spend a lot of money and time and go home really disappointed, that’s all.
    On that note, like a moth to a flame, I can’t stop reading these comments and hoping to stop by a location after work some time this week, if it’s close enough to me. Has Benedict gone over to fans outside of Harvard to greet them, or has it all just been quickly coming and going and waving? Curious to know if he has stopped and taken pictures with fans or autographs or if it’s all business right now because he’s busy working. Hope those who went to the set today were lucky!

    • Thank you. I was thinking about it seriously. Would have been there in Lynn probably and Harvard Common, but the cost of last minute flying was high and the more economic hotels were all sold out from what I researched and I prefer to save the money for sure bet sightings–Sherlock conventions and “Hamlet”, of course. Anyway, I became very ill on Monday & wound up in the hospital here in Maryland, which would have happened in Lynn had I been there & I’m sure the production team would have been thrilled for the interruption of an ambulance running through the parade. Yes, that famous scene were a fan topples over & has to be “blanced away” with sirens blaring. No, it wasn’t on account of Benedict. Maybe he’d have held my hand. More likely, with my luck, some production member, “Now get her out of here, she’s disturbing the shoot”.

    • this makes sense.. i know it’s a tough decision to travel from far away.. and not have any expectations, but i’m hoping for the best next week.. who knows what can happen!
      i’ve been tracking the comments on this site by the minute now.. it’s hard to stay away! haha

      • Hi, PJ, I will email you tomorrow. I just have to finish what I’m working on now. We’re on the same page here. Who knows what can happen and the comments do make it hard to stay away. You’ve heard of the official BBC Sherlock Convention that is supposed to materialize within the next 5 months–one in England and one in the U.S.–maybe in Baltimore???

  127. hey so I live around the Boston area and I was thinking of staying around Dorchester to see filming tomorrow. I’m a huge BC fan and it would be amazing just to catch a glimpse of him. Does anyone have definite location spots in Dorchester or any tips for me? I hope it’s worth it

    • I can’t go tomorrow even if they are filming. Not only is it Dorchester and I don’t want to get too close to that area, but I got a nasty sunburn last Thursday and have been advised to stay out of the sun until I’m fully healed.

  128. It made me sad to hear that they don’t film on the weekends. I have weekends off & was gonna make the drive out from the Berkshires this weekend. Although, if they do any filming in the evening I could make the drive out after work one day durring the week. I’m a fan of both Johnny & Benedict! I’m so excited that they are gonna be in a movie together!

  129. If anyone knows where they will be filming on Friday the 27th in Boston, please post! I’m dying to get another look at the set!

  130. Does anyone know a general time frame for the Ashmont tomorrow? Or if there are is a solid schedule for Friday or Saturday? I have been scouring the internet but to no avail… and I’ll be home for a few days starting tomorrow so I really want to try and get to Southie!

    • I heard trucks were on Ocean St and Rosilyn St? I’m not sure who is shooting. Dorchester Twitter welcomed Ben to the neighborhood but nothing set up around Ashmont Grill. They claim it will shoot for 2 days there

      • AR, I was at the Harvard Club on Tues and one of the crew said JD was off till Thurs when they shoot in Dorchester. Couldn’t get a confirm from anyone else. Thanx! If anyone else has anymore info, please let me and the other JD fans know. πŸ˜‰

        • Not much info to go on, but when I was at the Harvard Club yesterday, a crew member said that JD “has been off for a couple days” … so, it sounded like he would be back to filming soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was today, since it’s a new location.

  131. A very nice PA said they’re filming at the house at Ocean and Roslin again Friday. All the stars were there, along with a bunch of little kid extras. This is the first time I’ve seen JD and he was dressed up in a suit and tie, not Whitey’s usual thug gear.

  132. Thanks for all the info guys! Hoping some news pops up for the 30th as I have a half day at work to see the sox/cubs game that night!!

  133. So…there are notices outside the State House about film crew parking only from 4pm-9pm. Anyone know anything about that? Because I’m going to be in the State House until 5 and considering BC is playing a state senator I would think that would be something he would have to be involved in.

  134. They are all inside the house now! If you drive up Ocean St, can’t miss it! Even Benedict is there. Everyone looked so nice in their fancy clothes. They are filming a Christmas party scene

  135. I got a pic of Benedict, Samantha. Not sure how it will come out. We tried to get close to get good shots, but security kept stopping us….

  136. Katy and I left around 1 after all the actors had gone in. The nice PA I was talking to said they’d be at Ocean Street tomorrow as well but the crew only gets told a day ahead where they’ll be filming. He also said that shooting would be going on til 11pm tonight.

    And Katy neglected to mention that we were so excited to see JD that we almost got run over by a police car :p

  137. Oh Sam – the men’s clothes are AWFUL! Early 80’s polyester wide lapel suits.

    The ladies look smashing though!

  138. Is anyone still there? I will be heading over soon, and I want to make sure I go to the right place! I was thinking of taking the red line from Alewife, since it looks like there’s a stop right nearby…

  139. Casey – the Ashmont station is a 5 minute walk. Come out of the station and cross Ashmont street. Go up a slight hill (why are all the sets on freakin hills????) and Ocean Street is the second street down on the right.

    You can’t miss all the trucks. They’re supposed to be filming really late tonight.

  140. Great job with the info, everyone. Thanks ! πŸ™‚ Any way to find out what time they might start on Friday ? Sounds like a PA (a what ??) said they’ll be at the same house on Friday ?

  141. PA = production assistant. Mostly they stand around and don’t do anything (poor guys – boooooring) but that’s where you start in the industry. This guy hasn’t even met any of the actors!

    Not sure what time they’re starting, but I’m figuring on getting there at about the same time as today – 11:00-11:30ish. It’s a nice site cause across the street is a big tree and a curb you can sit on.

  142. OK, thanks Joanne ! I’m thinking of heading down there tomorrow morning as well. I’m not sure yet what time though.

  143. I would love to know where the pix of Ben getting out of the van w/ the guy holding the umbrella for him on tumblr came from. That’s exactly where I was standing and I don’t remember seeing anyone with that big/good a camera by me :/

    • I just read that, too, (about Kevin Bacon) and was about to post it. I’ve been following this thread all day while at work. Love all info on BC sitings. Anymore word on filming at the State House? I work right near there. Maybe next week?

      P.S. I’m still on Cloud 9 from Monday. πŸ™‚

  144. I was standing at exactly the angle those photos were taken! I’m wondering if the pap paid the owner of the house we were standing in front of to let him shoot from there.

    Security wouldn’t let us stand on Roslin Street once the actors started to arrive. The police said we could but security said no.

  145. Yeah but Dana – you got to MEET him! Wish I’d known where you were leaving from, I would have asked to come with last Saturday πŸ˜€

    • I am enjoying your tumblr entirely too much πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it and for posting the pictures (thanks to your friend for taking them!). It made me feel better having missed a chance to go hang out today. πŸ™‚

  146. Katie – the PA I spoke to today said they’d be at the same place as today – corner of Ocean and Roslin Streets in Dorchester.

    There’s street parking, or it’s a 5 minute walk from the Ashmont T station.

  147. OMG Joanne!!!!!! I am so sorry I think I hit the wrong button and all your pics are on my Tumblr………I am learning

  148. No Katylove that’s called reblogging. They’re still on my blog but now they’ve been shared to yours. That’s how tumblr works. You find stuff and reblog it to your dash.

    And any pix or posts you make put “black mass”, “Benedict Cumberbatch” and “Johnny Depp” in the little lock box part (w/out ” or #) and tumblr will automatically hashtag them for you for other people to search for them.

    • Oh, ok whew! I felt as if I had “stolen” your site lol I am working for the next few days but will get 4 days off starting Monday so keep me posted on where they are filming next week if you find out. Perhaps the folks from this site could meet up as well!

  149. No clue but since he was there today it’s a good chance he’ll be there tomorrow. When I asked the PA he said the only actor on the call sheet for today was Joel Edgerton, but then everyone showed up.

    And I think we should meet up where Dana found him πŸ˜‰

    • Jennifer, while I completely appreciate your curiosity, out of respect for Benedict, I can’t share where I met him. It’s easy enough to find out but I just don’t want to say it outright. I’m trying to be very careful about the details of that day after a little bit of drama. I hope you understand =/ Out of excitement of the day I talked about it entirely too openly and it got a little hairy for a few days. Guess I am sort of trying to clean up my mess best I can.

  150. Sorry but I have to agree with Dana on this one. The only reason I know is because I guessed it. The Herald has already called this a “stalker site” and someone on here came right out and accused Dana of stalking him, not truly understanding what stalking actually is (listen to The eminently creepy Robin Thicke’s new album and watch the videos about his ex wife and you’ll understand what stalking REALLY is).

    But I do think it would be fun if a bunch of us met up there to watch FIFA and see if he shows up. We could ask him to join us and tell him thank you for all the new friends we’ve made thanks to him being in Boston.

    And I’m glad you’re enjoying my tumblr! Pretty random, but wtf. Check out Khan and Kittens! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without that blog!

  151. thanks for all the updates yesterday everyone! any luck with meeting Ben last night after they wrapped? I read that the filming went on pretty late. Are they at the same address today as well?

  152. AR – I was wearing the purple shirt, glasses and ponytail. Katy had on a white baseball cap. She and I left around 1pm after the actors arrived.

  153. Hey, I’m new. Is there anyone on the Ocean St set? You all seem like good people and I’d like to be with some fellow fans than by myself. I’m the one in the purple dress

    • Hey Laura! I’m really new too! Is there anything going on? I’m just a few minutes drive away so I’m thinking of coming up.

  154. Seems a little quiet today.. is anyone already there? I would be ever so grateful if we can get some info about next week’s filming.. I’ll be driving up 8 hours on Monday to see Ben!

  155. Amy, I’m not sure. I don’t know how close I can get and there only seems to be cameramen and policemen. I might be on wrong side…

    • We stood at 69 Ocean Street (which for sale btw). They won’t let you stand on Roslin Street. Are the old cars still there?

    • ah, I’m sorry! My phone wasn’t loading this board at all today, it’s persnickety sometimes.. I’d probably be up for monday or tuesday if we can figure out the location! How was it today?

  156. I also second the question about filming locations on Monday and Tuesday?
    Also does anyone have an idea of where in Boston Ben is staying? Where has he been kicking back?

  157. If anybody at any point hears anything about when they might wrap up, please let me know. I want to go back up to Boston so desperately to try to see Ben again but i have no friends to go up with because they’re all tight on money after going up last Friday πŸ™

  158. A few of us that had been there this morning left around 1:10. All the actors were in by 12:30 today. Don’t know if they’ll be popping out for lunch but they’ll be filming all day.

    We were standing/sitting down by the spiffy cars.

  159. my friend and user here now, if anyone wants to chill I’m the girl in the denim shirt and the big black hat. sorry if that posted several times!

  160. Laura and Katie,

    Has he been popping out at all? Johnny kept going into his trailer. Rory Cochrane smoked on the lawn, but Ben stayed inside until they left for dinner and then left for the night.

  161. Hi everyone! This is Ruth, I guess I didn’t post with my name last time. It was very nice meeting everyone today! Hope to see you soon.

  162. Hi. For those who went, just curious how things went today. Which actors showed up and are they still there? I’m really surprised that BC hasn’t come over to the waiting fans at all. Not even for a quick group picture or to sign a few things. Maybe he’s been told not to do it by the movie company. I know he’s working, and very tired after a long shoot, but it’s a little surprising, no?

    Is there any word on Monday’s shoot? Southie High?

    • JK, I noticed that as well. I’ve been on a few sets and noticed that most times they don’t even turn and wave to us

    • No not disappointing or shocking, they are working these pic cost money and they have limited time. If fans want to chit chat that is why actors have fan events.

    • Actually, Peter, when Benedict Cumberbatch is filming Sherlock in London, in which all the episodes are the modern average movie length he does go chill with fans real quick in between. Him and Martin Freeman have been known to pop into local places for lunch and pay for some of the fan’s meals. So it is a deviation from his normal filming behaviour.

      My theory(just a theory) is that since he’s not as well known here except for among the Anglophile subculture here, he thinks we’re all there for Johnny lol.

      • so you are waiting for BC to invite you to lunch?? I think you will be disappointed! there is a great difference between filming Sherlock in London and filming on a movie set in Boston.

  163. Maybe it’s typical at movie shoots??? “If we ignore them, maybe they’ll go away, or not grow in numbers turning up.” Who knows. Disappointing, though.

  164. Hello,
    Just saw a tweet from an E Boston resident that they will be filming on Putnam St in Eastie on 7/3 (per a notice on his door). It’ll be an afternoon shot followed by an overnight shoot.

  165. Thank so much for all of the updates, so glad people are filming info and locations, here’s another update from Twitter re: Mon/Tues too that I don’t think was posted here yet icymi:
    “@punkroxmum @anniemclbourke @Lisibelle87 @WelcomeToDot @olv South Boston high on Monday. A funeral scene Tuesday ). Ben shoots next week then he’s done”

    • Hi! Christine, When you say Ben shoots “next week” then he’s done, do you mean July 7-11? Since you wrote that on the 28th I wanted to clarify if you meant he shoots from June 30-3, then he’s done. Is it possible to email me now to clarify. Thanks so much!!!!

  166. Hey Cami – yes Ben is known for chatting with fans at setlocks which is why it’s surprising he’s not doing it here.

    I heard that something happened on one of the film locations that spooked him badly and that’s why he’s not really acknowledging anyone.

    It’s really too bad. Although I can now say I’ve been w/in 20′ of Ben and I never thought if be able to say that. Or that he was in Boston, for that matter.

    • Joanne,

      Oh dear, that’s rather disappointing/unsettling to hear. Do you know anything more than just that? Any details, such as what location it might have been or any specifics? And when did you ‘hear’ that tid bit of upsetting news?


    • That is so upsetting omg… Poor Benedict. If this happened at one of the Boston film locations, I will be so angry. Seriously, why can’t some fans get the hint that HE IS A HUMAN BEING TOO and needs to be treated like one?!

      That “fan” should be ashamed of themselves.

      • This film is shooting in places which have history with the people that JD and BC are playing. I’m sure that would be very difficult to navigate as an actor when you find yourself somewhere where people knew your character and have strong views about them. It might leave one wanting to minimize some types of interaction. My two cents.

          • I suppose that makes sense, but even so, that’s completely unacceptable behavior under any circumstances and I feel terrible about it.

            • I feel bad as well. We don’t want any actor feeling “spooked” in our area. However, I haven’t heard if it was due to a fan’s behavior

            • It does make me really sad to hear about it. He’s by all accounts such a genuinely good man (among his many other talents and attributes), and I know we all wish him well during the time that he’s filming here and in general. Whatever people’s issues are with the film being made (which are understandable), BC’s a Brit and shouldn’t be drawn into all that. He always takes on challenging and interesting roles, and that takes courage (i.e. the 5th E) which should be respected. Those of us who have been camping out at locations have been doing so because we respect and admire these actors beyond this film and wanted to show support and/or meet them. It’s too bad if that positive energy gets overshadowed by whatever it was that happened. I hope JD and BC know that…

    • I’m more inclined to believe Sherlock filming is the exception. When he was filming Twelve Years a Slave in New Orleans he did not interact with fans. Also he’s not the main star on this film.

    • God that’s awful πŸ™ I know people in general tend to have better manners on location but it only takes one to ruin it for us ugh.

  167. Joanne,
    Did something happen at one of the BOSTON film locations that scared BC? Do you know what happened? Just curious if it was here or somewhere else. I just have a feeling that he’s trying to do a good job and concentrate on his work, so he’s taking cues from the other actors (i.e. Johnny isn’t going over, so he’s not, either). Or he’s been told not to go over by the film people.

  168. hi!

    so i live in the boston area and i was wondering if you know where he is going to be today or tomorrow or this week at all? i absolutely adore him and he’s gotten me through a lot, and it’s kind of like my dream to meet him and this is the first time he’s ever been remotely close, so i was just wondering if you had ANY information whatsoever!

    thank you so much and PLEASE let me know if you have any information!

  169. JK – yeah it happened here in Boston but it involved a fan, not anyone protesting the movie.

    It just sucks because this is a great town and it bums me out to think that instead of having a blast taking duck boat tours and going whale watching his memory of being here will be less than positive.

    Of course the Herald calling this a stalker site hasn’t helped. I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends from here, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for this film.

    I also found out from a crew member Thursday that “Ted 2” is going to start filming here soon. That should be fun too!

    • Joanne,
      What a shame. I’m sure it wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last as his fame continues to grow. I thought I read something about Depp having extra security or a body guard, maybe that was part of it, too. Just wish Benedict would respond to the fans more.

      On a side note, I wonder if they would ever premiere this film in Boston?

    • Joanne,

      I agree! I hate the thought that he had an somewhat unpleasant, fan-realted experience here his first time in Boston! It pains me to hear that he got ‘spooked badly.’ Do you know any more about the incident? Where it occurred or what the exchange was? I haven’t heard any other hints of it save your comment(s) here, and would be curious to know any more information that you may know about it and feel comfortable sharing about it with us–for the sake of any future set-watching I, or anyone else here may do. I can’t help but want to know what sort of behaviour that fan, (hopefully), accidentally expressed to him that made him feel so uncomfortable and startled, so that I, or anyone else, don’t somehow, and unknowingly, do something even akin to it if we go to view any future shootings.
      Obviously, whomever you heard it from, and the individual they were talking about, should have their privacy respected, but I think, as fans ourselves, it’s important to know where, and when, and how, we may accidentally ‘cross lines’ when getting possibly overwhelmed with excitement when any sort of opportunity to meet Mr Cumberbatch, or any other celebrity, is lucky enough to fall into our laps. Learn from ‘mistakes’ and what not, so we can be the most supportive, respectful, and honourable fans we can be to him, etc.
      Anyways, I hope he enjoys the rest of his time here and we can enjoy his time here as well in a safe and respectful manner.

  170. Depp has a body guard who’s a retired navy seal. Been with him for 20 years I think? I don’t think they have extra security, but I’ve never seen a movie being filmed. They might because so many places are public and not on a soundstage. There’s usually 3 or 4 cops on detail, and a couple of security people (who are really nice btw).

    I would love it if the premiere was here, but I’m not holding out on it. It’ll probably be in NYC. EVERYTHING premieres in NYC or LA. 12 Years a Slave is set in Louisiana and that premiered in NYC and LA. Same for August: Osage County. It didn’t premiere in Oklahoma.

    Totally unfair.

  171. I had the same thought about dreaming of a Boston premiere. Perhaps a trip to NYC would be in order. I’ve never been to one and they seem very exciting. Although I don’t do well in massive crowds and I can imagine the excitement of catching a glimpse of my favorite actors surrounded by THAT many people might be a little overwhelming.

  172. Hi everyone
    So I’m planning on going to boston again on Tuesday and Wednesday
    Does anyone know where they’ll be filming and if JD will be there?

    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  173. I’ll be driving up from Baltimore tomorrow and going straight to Southie High.. hope to see some of you there!! Crossing my fingers for a Ben sighting!

  174. If I’d had half a brain I would have blown a kiss, but I was too busy thing “what the heck is Johnny’s RV doing here?”

    I thought maybe he was going to check out the Newbury Street site but no, he was just taking a tour.

    A very luxe tour πŸ˜‰

  175. Hey all- If anyone going to the set tomorrow can gather information on locations for Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be much appreciated.
    It was good to see the recent Instagram/Tumblr photo of BC in Boston with two fans…see, he’s not scared of us! πŸ™‚

  176. I hear a home time amateur is getting a shot at the big time in the next few days
    A local Irish guy, with a great mug, will get lots of face time
    all I know is his first name is Kevin from Cambridge
    let’s keep our fingers crossed for the home town boy

    buffalo bob the bartender

  177. What the hell is wrong with you girls?

    You do realize Benedict Cumberbatch is working, right? And you do realize that film productions cost A LOT of money and having a gaggle of annoying teeny bopper fan girls constantly in the way may disrupt filming and *that* makes BC look really bad to the film producers. Did that occur to any of you?

    Do any of you realize that or you’re just to selfish to give up your fantasies that you’ll somehow lock eyes with him, he’ll drop everything on the spot and whisk you away?
    Do any of you live on Planet Earth?
    Flying in or driving up to watch someone work?
    Are you that desperate?
    Do you have any personal dignity? And the few here who have met him and just managed to mumble out asinine generalities, not a one of you have said anything meaningful, intelligent or shown up that you may be intelligent, cultured and well-brought up to him.

    It not a wonder that Ben got creeped out but some idiot, obsessive fan girl. Wouldn’t you if someone was stalking you and following and monitoring your every move? He’s got an insane following in Australia, Canada, Japan, China esp. Hong Kong and the UK but without fail, it’s always in the US crap like this happens because everything operates in extremes in this country.

    Leave the man alone to do his job and live his life.

    • Janice,

      Although I respect your point, I must say that I have been to a few on the filming locations and these Benedict fans have behaved quite appropriately. I am not too familiar with the actor, but being a movie buff, I enjoy watching the production being filmed. So far, I have not witness any yelling or anyone attempting to run up to the actor. Also, I have met a few of these posters; all very nice.

    • I love that in the US we take everything to extremes. I happened to be in the UK on holiday during part of the time they were filming Sherlock in London. HUNDREDS of fans would be there while they were filming. As opposed to at most a dozen in Boston.

    • Janice, how wonderful of you to offer such a tactful and utterly charming opinion, whilst there are some relative points in your diatribe i do believe your acidic tone and condescending demeanour wasn’t really called for. I could mirror your own question and ask “what the hell is wrong with you?” but i won’t. Actually, i would really like to break into a rendition of “Don’t rain on my parade” (Barbara Streisand, of course!) and attach a link to my soundcloud account in the hopes it may brighten your day.

      I imagine that you are aware that this website is for all intents and purposes about providing information for fans to access the film locations of their favourite movie/actor/director – the very thing you are huffing and puffing against. Logic would ask why on earth you would visit such a site and then further extends the question as to what you hope to achieve by attacking those who enjoy it. These questions are of course rhetorical and for your own personal reflection.

      The ladies in this thread appear to be most happily and harmlessly indulging in their fantasies. I have seen no evidence that they have caused the kind of issues you are alluding to therefore i do not see the necessity in trying to shame them for it.
      From what I’ve read thus far it seems these ladies are the kind of exemplary fans which propel the existence of our bustling film industry – not detract from it. For all your more intelligent observations i must point out that everyone involved in the film making empire is most acutely aware that without fans, without an audience, their medium would not exist. Whilst the presence of fans on film sets can provide added difficulties they can also provide a much appreciated energy to all involved. I believe these ladies fall into the latter.

      As for your comment regarding the β€œasinine” (tut tut, that wasn’t very nice) dialogue between a fan upon meeting their celebrity, I should refer you to many examples of celebrities themselves becoming quiet nervous and tongue tied when encountering their own celebrity crush – for you see my dear we all have crushes. I would however love to congratulate you on your implied ability to provide calm, witty, articulate repartee should you chance upon your own celebrity encounter. Bravo! This is an excellent, albeit rare skill to possess.

      To the ladies in this thread – if you’re after a safe place to organize and follow your Benedict Cumberbatch adventures then I’d love to invite you to – I’ve literally just thrown it together an hour ago however i have big plans for it. I’m in the process of completing a university project on the comparative training of British actors to their American counterparts, with particular emphasis on theatre educated actors. I have only just discovered Benedict and he is fast becoming quiet the pinnacle of my thesis. Anyways, I’m creating the aforementioned forum for fans of British actors as many of you have provided allot of wonderful input into my studies. I hope to see you there πŸ˜€

  178. I’ve met up with Katy at a few of the sets and she’s right- the fans of both Johnny and Ben are respectful of the filming process and we aren’t all a bunch of teeny boppers thank you very much.

    And some of us are there to see Johnny too. It’s not all about Ben.

    Can’t wait for the Fabulous Bacon Boy to come to town πŸ™‚

  179. Also,

    Most of us actually have nothing but respect for the actors and the jobs they’re doing. There’s really no point in coming on a site like this and ranting about the average visitor here. I’m a grown, educated, mother of three not only trying to show my littlest what goes in to film production as this is the first hands on opportunity available, but she gets to look at “Sherlock” and “Captain Jack Sparrow” and see them in the flesh as actual human beings. We’re not expecting anyone to drop anything to do anything for us. I was merely pointing out what had happened in the past in other places. Their job is literally being in the public eye and that’s what we’re doing. Eyeing them. In public. We’re not in their houses or hotel rooms or vehicles. We’re not screaming their names while their rolling or tearing at their clothes or doing anything else that would require security to haul us off.

    With that, I’m done feeding the trolls.

    South Boston high you say? any idea what time?

  180. ALright ladies and gentleman. I’ll be there in a couple of hours. I’m wearing a strapless green wrap dress thingie and the kid is wearing a tropical coloured sarong with a poof on her head. Twitter: @Geekishchic

  181. Cami – PREACH! I’m at Broadway waiting for the bus. I’m wearing a pink top and long denim skirt.

    Katy can’t make it, and probably not Dana. But I look forward to seeing the rest of you there.

    If anyone is already there, what does the set look like?

    • Joanne, are you over there yet? Hubby’s feeling a little better so I want to go What are you seeing? Is it worth us coming over around 11?

  182. The ultimate dilemma. I am at the hands of my husband. He’s not a fan of public transportation to get to Fenway which is where we need to be this evening. If we take our car into the city, we don’t want to arrive until after 5pm for the cheaper parking option. I am still trying to convince him that we should drive up that way and park/walk to set to kill some time and say hi to everyone. Stay tuned…I’ll be in touch.

  183. Re: The Ben incident. I witnessed some strange behavior from some of the younger and I mean younger BD fans at the Harvard Club. One person in question posted something about trying to give him something but gave it to a guard in the end. I read she said she was at his first day of shooting in Lynn the day before. There was something strange about her and her demeanor. Looked like she was going to have a breakdown if she didn’t see him. And her post about standing there all quiet like instead and looking polite amongst his “overzealous fans” who went crazy taking pics when he came outside was a bit of a stretch if you know what I mean. She thought he’d notice that and pick her out of a crowd.

    Heard of another JD fan who was almost at every film location. Very creepy. Posts a lot about him on Twitter. I was just there to see JD at 2 locations and take some pics. If JD waved it was a bonus. I respected the parameters of whatever the guards told the fans. If they said to move across the street, you move across the street. There would be no way I’d EVER make a run for any celebrity. That’s absurd. These men are just that men…regular people like the rest of us with…but with unique jobs..actors. It’s cool to want to see your favorite actor in person. That experience is surreal when you finally do because you’re seeing these people in photos or in a movie. But approaching them or trying to give something to them is going overboard. If I saw Johnny in a store or restaurant, I’d never approach him. That’s invading his personal space. Would I look his way…yes….lol…but I respect their privacy. Anyway, just commenting on the increased security issues around Ben and Johnny. Don’t hate me. lol
    ps…the great thing about being at these sets was the people watching, and that includes watching the younger fans…and meeting some great people. So on the plus side, I think a lot of us made some nice friends. Thank you JD and BD for that.

  184. Anyone that’s thinking about to coming to Southie don’t bother. They’re making us stay far away and can’t see ANYTHING.

  185. so excited to see Johnny Depp tomorrow-does anyone know when and where they will b filming???
    thanks everyone for the updates!!!

      • The term “cumberbust” (clever!!)…describes all 3 of my (very well mannered and respectful) visits, but I also made new friends which has been lovely. I think tomorrow may be my last chance…do you know if they’re going to be on Newbury tomorrow? (shouldn’t be too hard to find if they are). I heard they’ll be filming a funeral scene, so maybe a funeral parlor?

    • I love that phrase, it was a “cumberbust”. Never heard it before. Hopefully, I will never or seldom need to use it. Today was a cumberbust. A day without Benedict is a cumberbust.

  186. Photo on Twitter of Ben yelling into a megaphone mike, “No more busing” on the steps of the school. Guess no one saw or heard it because of the distance, but he was there today.

  187. Tomorrow is supposed to be on Newbury Street. Probably at 1 of the churches.

    I’m going to take the train to Copley and walk up from there.

    It will probably be early cause I have a dentist apt. at noon at Tufts.

    It was fun meeting up with everyone today. All 6 of us πŸ˜‰

  188. Palm trees are going up on Gilson rd. in Quincy today along with some peach colored stucco facade work on building across the street to shoot the scene where “Whitey” (Johnny Depp) gets arrested at his California home (Big white apartment building). From what we heard they are shooting there next Monday and Tuesday the 7/7 and 7/8. Personally I would like to see Benedict, so if anyone gets any info please post!

  189. Katy- JD will be in Quincy next week! Did you read? I’m so psyched!

    Heidi – I’ve heard this is Ben’s last few days here, so I’d definitely try Newbury Street tomorrow.

    Now if I could just remember where I heard they were going to be on the 3rd :-/

  190. Oh Katy – we left around 3:00ish. Didn’t realize how late it had gotten.

    We were eventually able to go further down by the high school and sit on the curb, but we still really couldn’t see anything, so we mostly exchanged twitter and email info. Then after the lunch break they were doing the last shots of the day which were wide angle so we had to move back down to G Street where we could see even less.

    Do you think you can make Monday and Tuesday next week? I mean it’s right in our back yard!

  191. Glad my term (cumberbust) is trending! I had a great time meeting everyone. I also tried to reply to Foxy but dont know where it went. Apologiez if this is a repeat: Please everyone stop the hate posts about “creepy” fans. Nobody has done anything wrong, threatened or harmed then or Johnny in any way. We all would love to see, or meet, our idols. Overexuberance is not a crime and is to be expected. Who among us has not been overexcited or behaved immaturely? This is supposed to be fun. No more Mean Girls. Thanks.

      • I wasn’t posting a hate post. As typing things instead of being said is usually misinterpreted. I’m pro fans. I mean, I’m one of them. Just read lots of this creepy stuff on Twitter and other sites and kept hearing about the Ben situation and voiced my thoughts on what I read and saw. If that makes me a mean girl then everything I wrote was taken totally out of context. That’s the problem with posts, everything gets blown out of proportion.

    • wow, neat. What time was that ? (and grrrr, since some of us stayed quite a while, kept getting pushed back, and baked in the heat and saw very little).

    • Cami, and by the way, it was great to hang out with you and your daughter for a fair while. You seem great, so it’s nice that you had that experience. These things seem to be always for others, though. Nice to hang out with all of you and see Joanne again and meet new people. It sure makes it more fun to talk to all of you during all the waiting.

      • SO much fun with y’all. She got a bit more bored toward the end but it was so worth it now lol. You guys will have your chance. If he ever comes within a few hours drive that I’m able to do we have each other. πŸ˜‰

      • SO much fun with y’all. She got a bit more bored toward the end but it was so worth it now lol. You guys will have your chance. If he ever comes within a few hours drive that I’m able to do we have each other. πŸ˜‰

  192. So a couple of us stayed until they wrapped filming and we got to meet Ben. He was ever so charming and gracious. He smiled at us, thanked us and accepted my early birthday present… hope he likes it. I was obviously very nervous in front of him and was literally shaking afterwards, but I have never met a more patient and considerate person. It really made my day.. to see his beautiful eyes and long fingers and gorgeous hands. His voice was mesmerizing.. I’m not even sure what I babbled but he smiled at me and that’s all I need! What a wonderful day and it was amazing to meet everyone as well!!

    I’ll be at newbury st tomorrow in case anyone is there! Β 

    • That is good to hear! After so much drama going on with the post here…….

      Are you talking about the Newbury St that is the street in the city near by Copely Square and Prudential building? Cuz there are so many Newbury street in Boston though…..

      I am quite familiar with the street with shops that I just mentioned, always hang out there.

      So if it is on that exact street, I think I will go and check tomorrow. What time are you gathering?

    • Congratulations, PJ. I knew you would meet him. I am dying. I should have just had faith and went regardless where I stayed. Just shoot me now. But I am so very happy for you. Trish

  193. I’m going to try and get there around 9:30ish. Someone mentioned the Gardiner museum in passing but that’s not on Newbury at all :/ will have to scope out the street regardless.
    If you are coming.. bring plenty of water, sunblock and a fully charged phone πŸ™‚

  194. July 3rd is in East Boston.

    Someone on Twitter says prop/equipment trucks are at 501 Boylston St, which runs parallel to Newbury St. If anyone is going today, can you post if they are doing interior/exterior work? I have limited time and can’t hang around only to find out they’re inside all day (as happened last Tuesday!) Thanks.

    • Heather?! Is that you? From Harvard Club?! I’ve been thinking about ya, we didn’t exchange emails or anything! We should have! I think I might take a stroll over there while I’m out and about with Danny when will you be checking it out? What’s your email? or number?

  195. I’m heading in now PJ. Probably going to get off at Copley and walk over. At least we shouldn’t be baking today!

  196. Food trucks serving breakfast for the cast and crew parked in front on the old John Hancock building. Signs for crew and cast in the lobby of the buidling (dorothy chandler center). I think I should go downstairs and get some coffee…..

  197. they are filming at the Church of the Covenant today at 67 newbury street boston – I work a few doors down and saw all of the trucks, porta potties, etc. not sure if there will be any celebs, etc. but they had a sign outside for extras.

  198. I’m here at the corner of nwwbury and berkeley. No sign of actors yet.. extras are here. Crew still setting up. Im wearing a grey chambray shirt.

    • I am guessing it will be an interior shoot. Do we know if East Boston is interior or exterior? I’m thinking about the weather. I want to drive by the Quincy location they are trying to make look like California. Clearly they are not following the book only

  199. Hey guys where r u? I am right here on the newbury street, is there any typical building that u guys around? Can’t wait to see u guys

  200. Johny’s RV is here so I’m assuming he is. We just met the son of the man playing his stand in. They’re filming the Bulger brothers mom’s funeral.

  201. Johnny came out and waved. Sweet. If they are filming Bulgers Mum’s funeral BC should get here eventually I would think…

  202. CP,

    I am right waiting in front of the church front door and saw no one coming out . Can u tell me where r u waiting? Thank u!