‘Black Mass’ Boston filming location for May 27


The movie Black Mass starts shooting in Boston on Monday and we already have more than a dozen confirmed locations throughout Boston.

Johnny Depp will star in the film as the infamous mobster Whitey Bulger along with Dakota Johnson, Juno Temple, Jesse Plemons, Joel Edgerton, and Guy Pearce .

So far we have locations May 19, May 29, and nine other dates through July.

Now, we can add May 27 to the list as we’ve learned they’ll be filming on Border St (see the notice above for details) that day.

The movie will also film scenes at the Polish American Club, 747 Cambridge St, Cambridge sometime before May 24. The location is already being made to look like Triple O’s, a bar made famous by Whitey.

Thanks to Ryan for the info!

If you have any scoop about Black Mass and where they might be filming, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I saw photos of Jonny Depp jetting out of Boston on Thursday…. Does any one know if he is back already?
    Is he going to be on the set on Monday?

  2. They’ll be filming at the intersection on Columbus and Berkeley today (June 6). There are a ton of trailers there now and they have permits until 3am.

  3. They are filming at Benjamin Franklin on Berkley and Tremont. They got some nice looking cars over their especially a first edition trans am


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