‘Law and Order: SVU’ begins filming season 16 on May 22!


It’s only been two weeks since the cast and crew of Law and Order: SVU wrapped shooting the season 15 finale but, in an unprecedented move, they’ll be back to work in NYC tomorrow.

From what we’ve heard, the show’s producers have decided to begin filming season 16 now and then break again at the end of June for their usual hiatus.

Typically, the series finishes filming in May and picks up again in late July but, since they won’t take their usual break until the end of June, we can assume it will be the end of August or September before they resume shooting again.

The show’s star Mariska Hargitay will be returning for the upcoming season.

On Thursday, May 22, Law and Order: SVU will be filming at their studio, Chelsea Piers.


  1. My buddy just told me that her friend that is a driver for the show “Girls” are shooting tomorrow and Friday with Taylor Swift scenes before she flies out of the city for her tour

  2. How nice to see that the cast wants to start on next season so quickly. I’m sure NBC will be thrilled with that. If everyone is still here(Cast & Crew) why not get as much done as possible? I’m sure the writers will be busy all summer coming up with new story lines for the show. Another season of 20-24 episodes is a lot of work. Another break somewhere along the line isn’t a bad thing. Here’s hoping everyone has a great summer to relax and recharge.

    • It actually says the producers wanted to start filming early. even if one cast member was okay with it, i can almost guarantee the cast feels they could use a little time to spend with their families since they work longer hours than any regular person does! although the highest paid actor for this series, now that Meloni is gone, Mariska Hargitay gets half a mil per episode. So that might motivate ya! except, mo money, mo problems. probably not as much as we imagine since she has to pay for her expensive manhattan mortgage/rent and im sure it goes on and on! =)

  3. AWESOME I am so happy that SVU is being picked up for another season! Mariska is an amazing actress, and really brings the emotional scenes to life! Congratulations ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  4. I was lucky enough to work as Background last season a couple of times, so this is very good news. I’d love to work on it again. The cast & crew are great & it’s a great show. Hope it’s around for many more seasons.

  5. Omg! They are filming season 16 down the block from my house in Richmond Hill, Queens! Just off of Jamaica Ave & 109th Street! It’s awesome!


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