Pre-order OLV’s next travel guide and get cool incentives like t-shirts and stickers!

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There is still a month left to back one of the first completely crowdfunded travel books, ever! Join the 35 backers who have already pre-ordered my next guide, 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See, and get the cool incentives listed below!

You can back this project at!


For $10 you will receive an ebook, gain access to drafts, and get updates from me. Bonus: You’ll also get lots of OLV stickers!


For $25 you will receive a paperback copy of the book when published and an ebook. You will also gain access to drafts and receive updates from me! Bonus: You’ll get stickers and a free download of OLV’s NYC Field Guide.


When you back the book for $50 you will receive three paperback books, one ebook, an acknowledgement in the book, plus updates and access to drafts. Bonus: For $50 you’ll get stickers, a free download of the NYC Guide, AND an OLV t-shirt (limit 36).

Or, Any amount:

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