Confirmed: Robert Pattinson begins filming ‘Idol’s Eye’ in Chicago this October

rpattz0 is confirming the news we reported last monthRobert Pattinson will shoot Idol’s Eye in Chicago in October.

Idol’s Eye is based on the true story of notorious Chicago mob boss Tony (Big Tuna) Accardo. Robert De Niro has also joined the movie and will play Accardo, while Pattinson will portray burglar John Mendell, a respectable machine shop owner in Lincolnwood, IL who was secretly the ringleader of a gang of thieves.

Reportedly, Mendell and his crew robbed Accardo’s home of a 70 carat diamond called the Idol’s Eye in January, 1978. A month later Mendell was killed and his body was found in the trunk of a car.

Idol’s Eye will also spend some time filming in Toronto.

Stay tuned for more detail on the shoot as it gets closer.


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