‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ filming military scenes in Michigan today


Based on the latest set photos, it does appear Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be filming a military scene at their studio today.

Last week the production company called up several extras with a military background for a scene to be shot today and there was some confusion about how many extras would be needed. Some blogs were reporting they were using 8500 extras today, but if you read through the casting information more closely, it actually looks like they need 8500 extras for the entire Michigan shoot.

They are also expected to film LexCorp scenes across the street from their studio tomorrow.

Based on these reports, it seems most of the movie’s action will continue to take place at/near the studio for now. This is also where that now famous Superman statue is located.

In other potential location news, @DetroitsStory tweeted the following yesterday:

#Michigan Central Station New Elevator- Good News- however is the #REAL story that all this is a ruse? Just 4 filming #Batman V #Superman?

And, on another note, a while back we reported military vehicles were spotted on Van Dyke Ave in Sterling Heights and our tipster believed they were for Batman V. Superman. We’ve since learned, thanks to another tipster who went and scoped it out last week, that the building in question often has military vehicles parked there so we’re assuming our original tipster was just a bit over zealous.

Though the Sterling Heights tip didn’t pan out, it does appear the Nicholson Terminal location is still in play.

The only two on location shoots confirmed so far is the Birmingham shoot that took place last month and a stealthy convenience store scene shot in Keego Harbor around May 15.

If you check out what’s going on at their studio – Michigan Motion Picture Studios located at 1999 Centerpoint Pkwy, Pontiac, MI – or across the street at the LexCorp building, let us know what you find via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com, or in the comments below!

UPDATE: As of 1:00 PM, there is no action at the studio. It appears they are filming the military scenes ON LOCATION today. If you spot them, let us know (they might still be in Pontiac based on these photos).

Have scoop about where they’ll be filming next? Shoot us an email about that, too!

UPDATE: According to Batman-News, “Due to rain, the military scene has been pushed to Friday the 13th. The LexCorp scene will now be shot on the 16th and 17th.” Also, it now appears the military scene might be filmed in downtown Detroit on Friday.


  1. There’s currently a movie being filmed on Woodward in Detroit (a block from Campus Martius). They’re filming right now at 7:30pm. I can’t tell what movie it’s for.


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