“Marshall the Miracle Dog” begins production in Edwardsville, IL


Production has just begun on the inspirational film about Marshall, a dog who was rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri from an abandoned property with over 60 dogs living there.

Marshall had been badly injured and left for dead by the other dogs, and his injuries included a broken leg, bites marks, and a missing chunk of his face. After being rescued, he was cared for by vets but unfortunately had to have his left front leg amputated.

Cyndi Willenbrock ended up adopting Marshall a few months later and together, they have spread Marshall’s inspiring story of bravery and courage to overcome abuse to schools across the country.

The film, Marshall the Miracle Dog, follows a slightly different storyline that involves a bullied young boy, Finn, who discovers a Labrador named Marshall who is held in deplorable conditions on an animal hoarder’s ranch. Both are bullied and Finn pulls off a daring rescue that saves Marshall from the dogs who are attacking him. Together, they go through trials and tribulations with a near death experience for Marshall.

Several celebrities will be starring in this film, including Sinbad, Shannon Elizabeth (That ’70s Show), Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl), Lauren Holly (NCIS), and Bill Chott (Saturday Night Live), which is currently filming in Edwardsville, Illinois. You can follow the film’s progress on their blog.

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